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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1050

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1050

“Why would I blame you? If you told me at that time, I would’ve suspected that Cathy had bribed you. You did the right thing. ” Shaun murmured, “ I didn’t expect Sarah to be so ruthless. She played me like a fiddle. It must have been hard to feign being civil with her for the past three years.”

“It was fine.” Hadley hung his head. In the end, he did not tell Shaun about Suzie.

Even if Shaun realized it now, so what? Some harm could not be remedied unless they remarried again and Ms. Jones personally told him the truth about the children.

After all, Ms. Jones had suffered so much. If she wanted her children to acknowledge Shaun, she would say it herself.

“Hadley, get the car. I want to go to the seaside villa. It’s time for me to get back the breakup fee I gave Sarah.”

Suddenly, Shaun ordered coldly.

“Yes. ” Hadley’s eyes lit up. In fact, he thought that Shaun’s breakup fee was too ridiculous, but he could not say anything back then.

Shaun chuckled mockingly. “I’m really hopelessly stupid. Sarah played with me like a fool, ruined my marriage, and killed my children, yet I gave her 1oo million dollars when I broke up with her. Breakup fee, past debts, I’ll get it back from her in one way or another.”

“But Eldest Young Master, if word gets out, the outside world would blame you. As for Young Master Snow…” Hadley said honestly, “Sarah definitely won’t give you back the money. Even though she acts like she sees money like dirt, she actually values money very much. She’s just afraid of you finding out that she’s vain.”

“Rodney is me from the past. If he doesn’t wake up early, he’ll regret it sooner or later.” Shaun sneered. “Don’t worry about it. I don’t care about m y reputation anymore. Besides, what reputation do I have left?”

One hour later, Hadley drove the car and arrived at the seaside villa.

Sarah was under fire for the past two days. One was because Thomas was crippled by Chester. Every day, Thomas screamed in pain in the hospital, cussing his mouth out.

Fortunately, he sealed his mouth and did not snitch on her.

She had just gotten back to the seaside villa when Hadley drove in.

She told the guard not to open the gates and pretended not to be at home.

However, Hadley forcefully crashed the car in.

The car rolled on the grass and drove to the door of the villa, where Hadley honked the horn.

Before long, Sarah pretended to run out in a hurry. “ Who is at my house to cause trouble? Housekeeper, call the police…”

Before she could finish speaking, Shaun got out of the back seat. His long legs came out first, followed by his elegant and tall body dressed in a black suit. His tie was meticulously tied, and when he came over, his back was to the light, hiding his handsome face in the shadows. He looked cold and dangerous.

“S-Shaun.” Thinking that Hadley was the only one who came, Sarah’s beautiful face froze.

Although she looked down on Shaun now, he was still a dangerous person, especially since she suspected that he might have noticed something. ”This is… your home?”

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