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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1049

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1049

“But I know you still had Ms. Jones and your children in your heart. However, one day, when you and Sarah were done with treatment at the manor, you suddenly became extremely cold to Ms. Jones. Even when she was with child, you insisted on divorcing her, and you were always with Sarah. You even… slept at Sarah’s place at night.”

Shaun’s fists clenched so hard that veins bulged.

Yes, he remembered how cruel he was to Catherine. When she was pregnant, he went out with Sarah instead.

Hadley sighed. “Young Master Jewell and Young Master Snow thought that you had lingering feelings for Ms. Neeson, so they didn’t understand. They thought that after Ms. Neeson came back, you still liked her better, but I understand you, Eldest Young Master. You cared about Ms. Neeson, but you loved Ms. Jones even more. Even if you wanted to get back together with Ms. Neeson, you would have given Ms. Jones a proper way out rather than forcing her into a desperate situation.”

“Yes.” How could he have locked her up?

Shaun turned around, not wanting others to see his reddened eyes. “What happened after that? If she knew the truth, why had I never heard her say it before?”

“Would you have believed her?” Hadley asked, “At that time, you had no doubts about Ms. Neeson.

Even if Ms. Jones said it, you would just think that she was a vicious woman.”

Shaun fell silent. Yes, he would not have believed her at that point.

Hadley continued, “We consulted a notable psychiatrist about your illness. The doctor said you had been subjected to a type of ancient hypnosis that had a very slim chance of curing. If it failed, you would become a fool.”

“That year, when Ms. Jones heard those words, I saw how hopeless her eyes were. Then, she said that she wouldn’t wake you up. She would leave you be. What she wanted was a divorce and a way out, and she would let you spend your life with Ms.

Neeson. I knew that she loved you at that time, but she would rather endure the pain of being abandoned than risk you becoming a fool.”

At those words, Shaun’s heart ached as if it was being torn apart.

He held his forehead as his eyes stung with moisture.

Yes, at that time, Catherine mentioned that she wanted a divorce, but he forced her to stay and give birth to the children so he could give them to Sarah. He did it so that Sarah would not have to endure the pain of childbirth.

How desperate and angry was she back then? However, he ignored her screams and locked her up.

Thinking about it now, Sarah’s claim that she was mentally ill must be fake as well.

He threw a woman who had just been abandoned by her husband and had a miscarriage into a cold psychiatric ward. How much despair must she have been in?

His Cathy. How much had she suffered? How many injuries did she get? It was no wonder she hated him so much.

Never did Shaun hate himself as much as he did at that moment.

“Hadley, when the hospital said that Cathy died that time… were you in on it?” Shaun suddenly asked.

“I’m sorry, Eldest Young Master. ” Hadley did not cover it up anymore. “ Seeing that the situation was bad, it was me who informed the Second Young Master. If we didn’t do that, Ms. Jones wouldn’t have been able to hold on. She was already delirious from the medicine she was given.”

“You did the right thing.” Shaun patted his shoulder and said gratefully, “Thank you, Hadley.”

“It’s good that you don’t blame me.” Hadley breathed a sigh of relief.

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