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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1046

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1046

“I see…”

Rodney froze. He thought that Sarah would agree without hesitation.

This was not quite what he had expected.

Sarah was now like a friend who found various excuses not to lend money to a good friend who was in a critical moment.

“Forget it, then. It’s very late, so I’ll leave now. You should rest up. I won’t bother you anymore.” Rodney waved his hand, not in the mood to stay any longer.

“Rodney, I’m sorry I can’t help you at all.” Sarah looked like she was on the verge of tears with guilt.

“It’s fine. Chester and I can help if Shaun needs money. I was just asking.”

Rodney reluctantly comforted her before walking out of the villa.

As he drove out, he looked back at the villa. Although it was by the seaside, the beach was exquisite, the water was blue, and it was closest to the city. It was the most expensive waterfront land in Canberra. Shaun bought it with 300 million back then, and now, this villa was worth at least 8oo million.

When Shaun broke up with her, he gave this villa to Sarah without hesitation. Meanwhile, his grandparents were now living in a villa worth several tens of millions in the suburbs.

Rodney sighed.

Forget it. He could not blame Sarah. Since Shaun gave the money to her, she had the right to use it however she wanted to. Besides, it was not just tens of thousands. It was hundreds of billions. These days, money is more important than anything, so no one would want to fork it out. Even a kind girl like Sarah could not help it.

At that moment, Chester suddenly called him. “ I caught Thomas.”

“Where are you? I’ll be right there.”

Rodney immediately drove to a factory under the Jewell family.

When he arrived, Thomas was tied up on the ground while Chester, dressed in an expensive suit, was sitting on a chair. He lowered his head and slowly and methodically wiped the glasses in his hand.

As soon as he saw Rodney, his double eyelids glanced over at him. His eyes looked calm, but there was a hint of grimness inside.

“Young Master Snow, help me.” Thomas saw him and shouted, “I didn’t tell Young Master Kelly to harm Young Master Hill. Young Master Hill is my benefactor. How could I harm him? I just unintentionally said something when I was drinking with Young Master Kelly. I was wrongly accused.”

Rodney went up and kicked him. “If you were wrongly accused, then why did you hide? Damn it. You run every time you do something bad. Never mind Shaun, I have a lot of scores I want to settle with you. Let’s talk about what happened during the banquet of my new product launch. Did you drug Freya Lynch?”

“No. I wouldn’t dare to…”

“If you didn’t dare, why did you flee the country the next day? You were nowhere to be found.” Rodney kicked him hard with an unpleasant expression. “Do you know how much trouble you caused me?”

Thomas’s whole body hurt from being kicked, but he still gritted his teeth and screamed injustice.

“Rodney, move aside. You’re all show and no go. You can’t hurt anyone like that.” Chester put on his glasses and stood up. His handsome face was elegant and graceful, but Thomas inexplicably shuddered.

Out of the three of them, Chester spoke the least and hid himself the deepest. He was a doctor on the surface, but his methods were no better than Shaun’s.

“Young Master Jewell, I swear. I wouldn’t dare to harm Eldest Young Master Hill… Ah… Help… It hurts.”

Before Thomas could finish, Chester stepped on the back of his hand.

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