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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1042

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1042

It was understandable to forget one or two things, but it was really strange that Shaun had forgotten all the proof that he cared about Catherine.

He could not imagine that he almost died trying to save her once.

He even accompanied her to eat hot pot and got a stomach ache.

He would never eat hotpot.

How special was Catherine to him?

He wanted to find out quickly, but he was suddenly afraid.

He was afraid that Catherine and he really were deeply in love, but since his memory was tampered with, he later abandoned her and hurt their children.

He was afraid that he had hurt her deeper than he thought.

He sat in the car for half an hour before finally going to see Aunty Linda.

After Aunty Linda answered his call, she quickly walked out holding an old booklet. When she saw Shaun, she called out tentatively, “Eldest Young Master Hill…”

“Aunty Linda, you still remember me.” Shaun looked at Aunty Linda and found that he still remembered her.

“Of course I do. I’ve been a nanny for so many years, but Ms. Jones and you left the deepest impression on me…” She suddenly paused guiltily for a moment before saying, “Did I… offend you by mentioning your ex-wife?”

“No.” Shaun tried to ignore the pain in his heart.

Aunty Linda asked worriedly, “What do you suddenly want to see me for?”

“ I suffered from an illness a few years ago and lost a lot of memories of my former life in Melbourne, so I wanted to ask you about it.” Shaun found an excuse and said, “Can you tell me some things about Catherine and me?”

Aunty Linda looked shocked and sympathetic when she heard that. “I see. Actually, I’m not too sure about the specifics between Ms. Jones and you. I’m just a nanny, so I can only talk about what I usually see. Anyway, Ms. Jones and you were like a grudgeful couple. When you two got along, you got along terribly well, but when it was bad, you two often quarreled and gave each other the silent treatment.”

“What do you mean?” Shaun’s pupils shrank and could not help but move his throat with difficulty.

“When you both were on good terms, Ms. Jones would cook breakfast for you every day. Sometimes, when she came back early because she was free, she would cook you dinner. My cooking wasn’t bad, but you didn’t like my food. You only liked Ms. Jones’s cooking. When on bad terms, you two would fight, and you would disappear for a few days without any news. But when you came back, you both would make up and be very sweet to each other again.”

Aunty Linda sighed pitifully. “You two were a good match, but maybe it was because you both were still young, so it was easier for misunderstandings to happen. I remember Ms. Jones and you had a huge fight one night. I was downstairs and didn’t dare to go up, but you two signed the divorce papers the next day. Ms. Jones was… quite sad. Oh, right.”

Aunty Linda hurriedly handed over the booklet in her hand. “This is the recipe book that Ms. Jones gave me on the day she left. She wrote it herself. It contains your favorite home-cooked dishes. She said you had a bad stomach and was afraid that you’d be picky about food after you leave, so she told me to follow the recipe so that you’d eat it.”

With his heart thumping, Shaun took the recipe and flipped it open. He could tell that the words were written a long time ago, and even though the booklet was old, he still recognized her handwriting.

He had seen her handwriting when they lived together before.

It turned out that she was once so concerned about his stomach.

It turned out that she cared so much about him.

Aunty Linda said, “Ms. Jones is a really nice person. I’ve been a nanny for decades, but I’ve never encountered someone as good- tempered as her. She didn’t treat me as a nanny. Sometimes, when I was working, she’d advise me to rest and don’t be so busy. With her, I could be frank, and she wouldn’t blame me. Before she lived in the villa, you never liked to come home. You’d go out in the morning and come back when it was time to sleep. After she moved in, you’d go to work with her every day and come back on time after work mainly because you wanted to wait for her return. When she was busy with work, you even complained that she cared more about her work than you.”

Shaun was bewildered. He did that?

He actually came back from work on time because of her?

“Aunty Linda, are you… telling the truth?”

“Why would I lie about this? It’s been a long time since I’ve worked for you,” Aunty Linda said frankly.

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