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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1041

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1041

“You want to look for her? It’s been so long. Wait a moment.”

Chase made a phone call to the housekeeping agency and checked for a while before reaching Aunty Linda. “Aunty Linda is working as a nanny in this villa.”

Chase gave him an address. “I’ll send you there.” “No need.” Shaun took the address. “Thank you.”

“Don’ t mention it. I’m not used to you behaving like this.” Chase threw the car keys at him. “You can drive my car over. We’ll have dinner together later.”

“That’s rare.” Shaun glanced at him. “You rarely contact the three of us now. How many times have you gone to Canberra and not invited us out for a meal? You’re quite comfortable staying in Melbourne alone.”

For some reason, he suddenly envied Chase.

Although Melbourne was small, Chase was basically the overlord here. Life here was not as insufferable as Canberra.

Chase smiled awkwardly. “I didn’t mean to lose contact with you guys, but you three always brought Tracy and Sarah around. I really didn’t like them. I felt like…”

He suddenly closed his mouth. “Forget it.”

“Say it,” Shaun ordered sharply. Even if he was dressed very ordinarily now, the aura in his eyes was still there. “Chase, we’ve been friends for more than ten years. Some things are better said clearly.”

“Fine. I just… felt like you were a scumbag to Rin. I’m not too familiar with Sarah either, so maybe I wasn’t used to seeing Sarah replace Rin, whom you always brought along when I was around. Also, I really didn’t understand why Chester got together with Tracy. She’s not a good woman at all. As for Rodney, his eyes were always on Sarah. He would listen to whatever she said. It was like his brain was muddled by love, and that was fine too. But I was very uncomfortable with you bringing them along to all of our gatherings. That was why I saw you guys less.”

Chase said honestly, “I often find it difficult to talk to you guys, especially in recent years.”

Shaun was silent. In fact, he had also realized that Chase did not like Sarah and Tracy. However, he really hated Catherine at that time, so he turned a blind eye. After all, it was normal for good friends to be estranged.

“Did I… love Catherine a lot before?” he asked casually out of the blue.

“I used to think that you liked her a lot, so I couldn’t understand why you did all that afterward. Maybe she was just a pastime for you when Sarah wasn’t around.” Chase’s lips twitched.

“Is that so? Then tell me, what made you misunderstand that I liked her?” Shaun asked expressionlessly.

Chase looked at him speechlessly. “If you didn’t like her, why would you gift her the Queen’s Necklace? That diamond necklace was worth tens of billions. If you didn’t like her, why would you sacrifice sleep and rush over overnight to save her when you learned that she was locked up in the old Jones residence? Also, when the stone fell from a building on the construction, you ended up hurting your back to save her. You almost lost your life that time. Then, there was the time where you ate hotpot with her. How can you eat hotpot with that stomach of yours? The stomachache you got after was excruciating…”

After saying all that, Chase suddenly stopped. “ Forget it. No matter how much you liked her, it can’t compare with Sarah.”

“Who said… it can’t?” Shaun suddenly smiled, but there was indescribable sadness in that smile.

“Huh?” Chase was a little confused.

“ I’ll call you out for a drink later. ” Shaun took the car keys and turned away.

When he got into the car, he realized that his eyes were slightly red.

He had no memory of what Chase said.

However, he knew that since Chase could answer so quickly to his sudden question, it meant that it was not a lie.

Those were things that had once truly happened between Catherine and him.

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