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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1040

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1040

“That’s… so evil.” Shaun’s hands, which were resting on his knees, trembled.

“Yes, it is quite evil.” Professor Lincoln nodded. Then, he looked at Shaun complicatedly. “If you have someone you’re suspicious of, stay away from that person. Of course, I sincerely hope that you weren’t hypnotized. Maybe all of these are just your delusions.”

“Thank you.” Shaun stood up and bowed.

After leaving Professor Lincoln’s place, Shaun did not drive. He simply walked around the university campus quietly. His long legs were trembling.

Not only that, but his mind was blank.

He, too, hoped that everything was just his imagination.

Did Sarah hypnotize him despite knowing that he might become a retard?

That was impossible. It did not make sense for Sarah to be so evil.

However, what if it was true? His hair stood on end when he thought about Sarah’s gentle, kind, big- hearted character during those three years.

No. He absolutely had to find out the truth. Even if he could not remember, he had to figure out where exactly his memories went wrong.

Hence, he immediately bought an air ticket to Melbourne. He did not tell anyone about it because if Sarah, whom he had trusted for more than ten years, made him deeply suspicious, then what about the others?

When the airplane landed at Melbourne Airport, Lea gave Shaun a call. “What time are you coming to the company today?”

“I’m in Melbourne now.”

“What?” Lea flew off the handle. “Didn’t I tell you yesterday to meet the director of Garson Corporation today? Now everyone in Canberra wants to collaborate with Garson Corporation. But you? You went to Melbourne without saying a word. What are you trying to do?”

“I have something important to sort out,” Shaun said in a low voice.

“How important can it be? Is it more important than Hill Corporation?” Lea was furious.

“Yes. It is very important,” Shaun repeated himself.

Lea was at a loss of what to say to him. “I don’t care. Come back as soon as possible after you’re done. Have you forgotten? The last time you asked me to manage Hill Corporation, I was as busy as a bee every day. Do you want me to die from overworking?”


Shaun hung up. After exiting the airport, he went straight to Jennings Solicitors.

The receptionist first thought Shaun came for a legal consultation. However, after hearing that he wanted to meet Chase, the receptionist brought him to Chase’s office right away.

“Let’s go bowling together tonight…” Chase, who was sitting on the leather sofa, turned his body around. When he saw a towering silhouette suddenly walk through the door, he stood up in surprise and ended the call in a hurry.

“F*ck, Shaun. You… Why are you here?” Chase sized him up. The Shaun in front of him was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a black T-shirt. His hair rested on his heavily wounded face. He looked exactly like a lifeless young man.

Chase’s jaw almost dropped out of shock. “Your… Your transformation is quite huge.”

“Back when I lived in the villa in Melbourne, I remember you found me a housekeeper named Linda. Can you contact her? I have some things I want to ask her.” Shaun went straight to the point.

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