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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1034

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1034

When Catherine helped him with his pants, she was baffled to notice that part of his body was wrapped in gauze.

She swallowed her saliva. It seemed like she had discovered an unbelievable matter.

Why was that part of his body wrapped in gauze? Could it possibly be… crippled?

She could not resist probing it brazenly, but it really did not react at all.

He was not like that in the past.

Her mind went blank for a few seconds before she gasped. Why would that part become crippled for no reason?

Could this be why he was degraded, drunk, and lifeless?

It seemed understandable. To a man, this would be a big deal, especially for a man like him who prioritized his needs a lot.

No wonder he suddenly said he would not marry or have kids in this life that day.

There was indeed no way for him to marry or have children in his state. He was bound to… end up alone.

Catherine looked at his face, which was covered in wounds. Strangely… she felt conflicted.

She should be so happy about it and setting off firecrackers to celebrate it. This was his retribution. It was his fault for making her so miserable.

However, she felt a bit sour instead.

That was why a person should not do too many bad deeds. After all, what comes around goes around.

Catherine sighed. She wiped him down, disinfected his wounds, and applied some medicine on them before she dressed him in clothes. As she was leaving, she took a blanket and covered him with it. After that, she closed the door lightly and left.

Then, she sat in her car in the parking lot downstairs for a long time.

She found the whole thing unbelievable.

The next day, Shaun woke up from a hangover to his ringing phone.

He opened his eyes. When he saw his phone on the table, he picked up the call. Chester’s cool voice came through. “Shaun, you got beaten up by Simon?”

Shaun was stunned for a while, and only then he realized his body was aching. He recalled clips of him getting drunk at the bar last night. After that… it seemed like he got hit once he exited the bar. The person who hit him said many things, but he could not remember who that person was.

At that moment, he thought the person could hit him all he wanted. He did not feel like resisting anyway. He had no strength to hit someone.

“So the person who hit me last night was Simon,” Shaun muttered.

“You didn’t know?” Chester was speechless. “It’s a viral topic in Canberra now. This Simon, how dare he add insult to the injury. Why didn’t we realize before that he was this kind of person?”

“I drank too much last night. I don’ t remember.” Shaun pinched the middle of his brows, which was aching. “When did I have a grudge with Simon?”

“He must’ve been holding a grudge because you broke his leg three years ago. That b*stard,” Chester scolded.

“I broke his leg before?” Shaun was astonished and shocked. “Why don’t I remember?”

“You’ve forgotten a lot of stuff these years.” Chester said, “Three years ago, Rodney wanted to help you teach Catherine a lesson, so he kidnapped Catherine onto a yacht. Then, he got Simon and a few others to watch her dance. When you rushed over and saw Catherine being forced to drink and bullied by them, you were so angry that you broke many young masters’ legs on the yacht that night.”

Shaun was confused. He had no memory of that incident at all. “In the past… I would do those things for Catherine?”

“What else? It became a big issue later on. Those families even joined hands and boycotted you. The video of you asking someone to break their legs was even uploaded on the internet. You got scolded so badly. Afterward, no one dared to circulate those videos due to your oppression. But if you look for it carefully, you still can find it.”

Chester hesitated for a moment and then scolded, “There’s something else. I heard some news from Simon’s side. It seems like it was Thomas who instigated Simon to bother you after seeing you drinking at the bar.”

“Thomas?” Shaun’s expression instantly turned cold.

It was one thing for him to lose faith in life, but it did not mean he would let just anyone bully him, especially Thomas. Shaun did his best to help Neeson Corporation all those years. If it were not for him helping Thomas get out of trouble and fighting his lawsuits, Thomas would have gone to jail long ago.

Yet, Thomas instigated Simon to hit him?

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