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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1031

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1031

Thomas was startled, but excitement then followed.
“Great. I’ve been tolerating his temper for so many years. F*ck, I’ve had enough since a long time ago. But Young Master Snow and Shaun are good friends. Will Young Master Snow give me a hard time later?”

He went into hiding some time ago and only came out just two days ago. If he offended Rodney again, he might really have to face the consequences.

“Fool, Shaun is usually so high and mighty, he must’ve offended many people. Sometimes, there’s no need to do it yourself. Just move your lips, and there will naturally be someone to teach him a lesson, ” Sarah reminded him.

Thomas understood in an instant. “Okay. I got it.”
He knew full well who in the whole of Canberra was dissatisfied with Shaun.

Thomas thought of an idea and dialed a number. “ Simon, where are you right now?”

Shaun left a wad of cash drunkenly before he staggered out of the bar.

In a blur, it seemed as if he had bumped into someone.

That person pushed him hard, and Shaun, whose legs were weak, fell into a puddle of mud.

“Haha, look. This is the once arrogant Shaun. Back then, Young Master Hill was so haughty. He always ignored us when we talked to him. Everyone was of similar age, yet he always looked down on us.” Young Master Kelly pointed at Shaun and laughed mockingly.

The subordinates behind him followed and laughed as well.

“Simon, now that the Hill family is in dire states, Shaun can’t compare to you at all.” Someone flattered him.

“That’s right. I thought I’d never in my life have the chance to teach this person a lesson.”

Young Master Kelly stepped on Shaun’s chest. His face was smug. “Shaun, do you still remember who I am?”

“Get lost,” Shaun said as he gasped for air.
Not only did his brain feel numb from being drunk, but he also had double vision.

“Haha, you don’t know me, but I recognize you.” Young Master Kelly gritted his teeth and said, “ Back then, you broke my leg on the yacht.”

Shaun shook his head so hard that it hurt. He did not know what that person was saying.

“You, Young Master Hill, are forgetful because you’re a busy man. It’s okay. I can remind you of it. Three years ago, we did nothing but watch Catherine dance and touched her a bit on Rodney’s yacht. You were so cocky that you had someone break our legs. You even put out a word saying if anyone dared to expose it, you’d make our family disappear.”

Young Master Kelly pressed his foot harder onto Shaun’s chest. “You were so cocky that time. You must’ve never thought that this day would come for you. I’ve held back that anger for a few years.

Today, I’ll pay you back in the exact same way you broke my leg three years ago.”

After he spoke, he stepped on Shaun’s kneecap hard.

Shaun’s face paled from the pain. Although he was drunk, he still flung Young Master Kelly away instinctively.

Young Master Kelly, who lost his balance, was furious. He waved his hand. “All of you, charge. I must beat him up until he’s crippled tonight.”

He led more than ten people and surrounded Shaun in an instant.

Shaun was drunk, so he could not see clearly. In a split second, he was kicked to the ground, surrounded and beaten up by more than ten people.

Initially, he could still fight back.

Afterward, for some reason, he did not want to move. He just let them beat him up.

They could hit him all they want. His life was already meaningless anyway.

Thinking back, he was deceived by Sarah. She was obviously a deceitful woman. It was her lies that made him lose his marriage and children.

Now, the woman he loved was another person’s wife.

Hill Corporation met its downfall in his hands, and even Liam’s death was related to him. What was more tragic was as a man, he… was incapable of s*x anymore.


On the road, a sports car stopped in front of a traffic light.

That night was the birthday of Hudson Corporation’s general manager. As the director, Catherine booked a private room and invited the company’s senior management team to celebrate the general manager’s birthday together.

It was not until just now that she came out from the karaoke.

When the traffic light turned green, she drove her car ahead and suddenly noticed someone fighting by the road from the corner of her eye.

She slowed down and took a look. It seemed like a group of people was hitting one person.

With a frown, she stepped on the brakes immediately.

If it were the old her, she would have just reported it to the police. However, her self-defense skills now were quite good, so she was willing to save someone if she could.

Nevertheless, when she walked over, she found the person who was being beaten up familiar. Although that person was on the ground and covered with mud all over the face, shirt, and pants, she could still recognize Shaun from that heavily wounded face.

She could not believe that Shaun would be reduced to being beaten up on the street.

Was he not a good fighter? These people were supposed to be just a piece of cake to him.

The current Shaun looked degraded, as if he had completely lost faith in life.


When Catherine saw a guy in a floral shirt taking a steel bar and was about to hit Shaun’s leg, she immediately went over and kicked that man away.

“You have a death wish.” The man in the floral shirt raised his head. As soon as he saw it was Catherine, he smiled evilly. “It’s you, Catherine Jones. I heard you’re married now, yet you still rush here to save Shaun. You’re not having an affair with Shaun, are you?”

“Who are you?” Catherine thought the person looked familiar, like she had seen him somewhere before.

“You don’t recognize me?” That man scratched his neck and grinned. “Three years ago, on Rodney’s yacht, you danced in front of us. Tsk. That face and that body. To this day, I still haven’t forgotten it. I even rewarded l000 dollars to you.”

“ It’s you! ” Catherine suddenly recalled it, and her pretty face turned unpleasant.

That year, she had just arrived in Canberra and was greatly troubled by that bunch of young masters.

“Ha, you finally remember. My last name is Kelly, and my name is Simon. Simon Kelly.” As Simon smiled, his expression gradually turned grim. “Since you’re Joel’s daughter, you better leave quickly. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude.”

“In what way are you going to be rude?” Catherine laughed. “Who do you think you are? Among Canberra’s wealthy families, you, the Kelly family, are so behind in the rankings, yet you dare speak with such arrogance in front of me. You’re nothing a t all in my eyes.”

Simon’s expression changed. “Fine. If you want to do it the hard way, don’t blame me for being rude.”

With a wave of his hand, more than ten people surrounded them.

Catherine clenched her fists and defeated every one of them with just a few movements.

Seeing that the situation was not right, he turned around and tried to flee.

Catherine rolled the steel bar beneath her, picked it up with her foot, and caught it with her hands.

Then, she threw it at Simon’s back.

Simon fell flat on his face. Catherine laughed as she walked over. “Actually, I almost forgot about you, but you reminded me just now. Three years ago, you did take a lot of advantage on me.”

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