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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1027

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1027

Shaun had thought it through. He did not know if he could be cured or not anyway, so he could not possibly find other women too. As such, he would just raise Liam’s daughter from now on.

Firstly, it was to compensate Liam.

Secondly, he liked Suzie a lot too. Since Suzie had lost both her parents, he was willing to take up the responsibility of being her father, even though she was not his biological daughter.

Catherine was stunned to hear him.

Hearing those words coming out from Shaun’s mouth was quite… unbelievable.

She knew that no matter whether it was toward her or Sarah in the past, Shaun was the type who would cling on and refuse to let go. His obsession with love was slightly abnormal too.

Hence, it was very astonishing to hear him say he would not remarry or have children all of a sudden.

Even if Hill Corporation was done for, he did not need to be so discouraged and down.

He was a bit different from the Shaun she knew.

“Let’s discuss this only after you’ve solved the lawsuit,” Catherine muttered.

“Cathy…” Shaun suddenly called her name softly.

Catherine felt uncomfortable with him saying that. How could she respond when his tone was so gentle, hoarse, and delicate?

“Be careful of Wesley.” Shaun reminded her, “He’s not as simple as you think.”

Catherine’s pretty face darkened immediately. “Do I need you to remind me? Would Wesley come this far if he was simple? Shaun, if you want to badmouth my husband, please shut up.”

My husband…

Those two words were like needles pricking Shaun’s heart.

He really wanted to yell and ask her not to say those words. However, when he thought of his body, he no longer had the confidence to give her happiness.

“I’m not purposely trying to drive a wedge between the both of you. I’m just worried that Wesley harbors hatred toward you and wants to get revenge on you.”

“Are you crazy?” Shaun had made Catherine infuriated. “He hasn’t even had enough time to love me. How can he possibly hate me? You, on the other hand, keep driving a wedge between us. You desperately want us to get divorced, don’t you? Let me tell you this. Even if I get divorced, I won’t choose you.”

Shaun acted as if he did not hear her. Instead, he continued saying, “I’ll send you a video. It’s a video I took the night we held our wedding on the island and consummated it. I sent the video to Wesley that night.”

Catherine’s mind suddenly felt as if it had exploded, and her body trembled. “It can’t possibly be… that kind of video, right?”

“… You’ll know when you see it, ” Shaun said in a low voice. “It’s impossible for any other man not to mind. If Wesley cares, being jealous is very normal. However, if he didn’t mention even a word about it and acts big-hearted and tolerant, you must be careful. After all, people who can tolerate this kind o f thing are terrifying.”

“ Shaun, you b*stard.” Catherine’s eyes reddened from anger. “How dare you record a video that night? You’re too much. You’re shameless. I’ll never forgive you.”

“Never mind. I knew from the start that you wouldn’t forgive me. I just wanted to remind you. I don’t wish for you to be like my mom. She got cheated for more than 20 years. She always thought she got married to her childhood sweetheart, who was infatuated with her, when in fact, it was all an intricate deception that the other person had set up.

“Wesley is definitely not that kind of person, and I’m not your mom either. I don’t have a filthy rich family behind my back. What possibly can he covet?”

“He covets your feelings. After you fall in love with him, he can get revenge on you and trample on you all he wants.”

Shaun’s words made Catherine shiver. “Shaun, I won’t fall for your tricks.” Then, she hung up.

After returning to the room, she accompanied Suzie to sleep, but she could not calm down at all.

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