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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1025

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1025

Once Regina turned around, her pretty face fell. Wesley was the one who took her to the auction. He even hugged and touched her in the private room just now.

However, as soon as he came out of the room, he put on an elegant front.

This man… was not one she could control, so she knew where she stood.

Moreover, she did not admire Catherine. Conversely, she found Catherine quite stupid, probably because Catherine was under the impression that Wesley was deep in love with her.

Wesley drove the car.

Seated in the passenger seat, Catherine took out a box from her handbag, and inside the box was a blue Patek Philippe SA mechanical watch.

“It must have cost you a lot.” Wesley said painfully, “Don’t spend so much on me next time. I should be the one spending it on you instead.”

“It doesn’t matter. I think this is my first time getting you a gift.” Catherine took out the watch and put it on for him. It looked gorgeous and luxurious.

However, when her eyes settled on his wrist, Shaun’s wrists flashed in her mind.

Shaun’s wrists looked really beautiful. He never wore branded watches, but his watches were all designed by the top watchmaker. They might not be fascinating, but they were elegant.

Anyway… Why did she think about that damn man again?

She sighed in frustration before she complimented, “It suits you very well.”

“Thanks. I love it.” Wesley held her hand and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, Cathy. I said those things on the spur of the moment. All I cared about was my feelings but neglected the fact that you’re Suzie’s mom. Anyway, I’ll support your decision even though I hate Shaun.”

“Wesley, don’t say that. You’ve suffered a lot because of my selfishness. ” Catherine apologized to him too.

“Alright. Let’s… make peace and not argue anymore.” Wesley smiled wryly.

Catherine pursed her lips. After the car traveled for some distance, she could not help but ask, “I didn’t expect you to attend the auction tonight. Was it because the Campos family has pulled some strings with you? I recall you seemed to be on good terms with Charlie back then. You also attended his wedding.”

“We’re just business partners.” Wesley said frankly, “A lot of Australians dare not offend the Campos family now, so I can’t afford to set myself against them too. I don’t agree with the price that Mason set tonight too, but I had no choice. You won’t… blame me, right?”

“No. I can understand that.”

Catherine shook her head and did not blame Wesley. However, it occurred to her that Wesley was not an obstinate person. If it were Shaun…

Why did she think of Shaun again?

Catherine opened the window. Unlike Shaun, who was born into a brilliant and wealthy family, Wesley had to be cautious in every step he took. The two of them could not be compared.

After they arrived at the Yule family’s villa, Wesley parked the car and got out of it. “I’ll stay here tonight.”

His firm tone startled Catherine for a moment. Then, she said with a low voice, “I’ll get the guest room ready for you.”

In the guest room, she habitually removed the bedspread.

Suddenly, a man’s burning body wrapped around her from behind.

Knowing who it was, Catherine shuddered, but Wesley did not stop there. Instead, he pressed her onto the bed.

“Cathy, can you sleep here tonight?” Wesley looked at her with burning eyes. “We’re already married, and I’ve been waiting for a very long time.”

Catherine’s mind was in a mess, especially when Wesley kissed her. She felt very uncomfortable with it.


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