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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1024

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1024

Mason did not even harbor hatred for Lea.

“Are you here to look for the buyer?” Mason mocked, “From your eager look, you must be thinking about selling your body and pestering the buyer. Unfortunately, you’re old and unattractive. Don’t do such a shameless thing, Lea.”

Lea sneered. “Since you were here earlier than me, it means that you’ re trying to pester the buyer as well. Unfortunately, she won’t be interested in an old man like you even if she’s rich.”

Joanne teased, “My husband is so rich, and it’s always other people who pester him. What’s more, the person who bid for the manor was obviously a man…”

“Yeah, it was a man, but he was much more generous than you. 50 billion and 100 dollars. Mason Campos, you’re the first wealthiest Australian who’s so miserly and petty. I felt ashamed on your behalf for bidding that amount.”

After Lea finished speaking, she turned on her heel and walked away.

Indeed, she was utterly disgusted by her ex-husband.

How could one be so petty?

Mason could not resist yelling, “Lea, I’m not petty. I just don’t want to let you earn a penny.”

“Then, what do you call this behavior if not petty? We were married for over ten years, and I even gave birth to your child. Before we got married, I gave you and your family at least 1oo billion dollars as the capital. But after we divorced, I got nothing.

“Let’s not talk about a house. You didn’t even give me a penny. Mason Campos, I admit that you’re quite shrewd, but you’re shallow as well. Who would be bothered about such chickenfeed when they do big things?”

Lea turned around and looked at him calmly, “The Campos family is where they are now because you guys have been pretending to be weak and

snatching things from others. But you guys won’t be able to stay this way for long. Those of higher social standing are forever concerned about their own benefits, and they care less for others with time.”

At that, she left straight away.

Mason lifted his hand infuriatingly and smashed the cup on the table.

Lea had called him… shallow and petty?

Those words were like a resounding smack on his face.

Very well!

‘Lea, one day, I’ll make you pay for what you said today.’

Shortly after, Mason’s assistant came in. “Chairman Campos, I just met the buyer’s assistant. After I introduced myself, his assistant…

completely ignored me.”

“He dared ignore you after you told him that you’re my assistant?” Mason asked grimly.

“Yeah. I’ve checked the surveillance camera. His boss is a man, and he wore a pair of sunglasses and a cap.”

Mason’s gaze was cold. “Keep an eye on the Hill family’s manor. Since he has bought it, he’ll show up eventually. I want to find out who’s bold enough to set himself against me.”

In the car park.

Freya tapped Catherine on the shoulder. “Since President Lyons is here, I won’t send you home. Let him send you back and also… give him the watch.”

“Watch?” A glint flashed across Wesley’s eyes.
Grinning, Freya said, “Yeah. She said she offended you, so she bought you a watch to apologize to you. It was quite pricey. She spent over loo thousand dollars on it. Alright, then. Goodbye.”

With that, she quickly left, leaving a very embarrassed Catherine.

“Cathy, get into the car. ” Wesley then shot Regina a look. “Find your way back yourself.”

“It’s fine. You can send Secretary Trent home.” Catherine felt that it would be dangerous for a woman to take a taxi home alone at such a late hour. “It’s fine. I can take a taxi,” Regina said reluctantly with her eyes fixed on Wesley’s expression.

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