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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1023

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1023

Freya grasped Catherine’s message within a second. “Precisely. Are you guys insistent on blocking me? Fine. I’ll call Uncle Jason. Let me remind you that I’ll soon be the Snow family’s daughter-in -law.”

Charlie instantly felt bad.

The elected prime minister next year would most probably come from the Snow family. If they offended Jason, with whom they were currently trying to curry favor, they would be in deep water.

Charlie almost forgot that Catherine’s best friend had such an influential background.

“It was merely a misunderstanding.” Charlie’s expression immediately switched to a friendly smile. “I was just curious who called out 50 billion dollars.”

Freya bit her lip. “We weren’t planning on buying it. We just felt that those wealthy families who kept adding 100 dollars were a disgrace to the other wealthy families in Australia.”

Charlie’s expression was extremely cold and unpleasant. However, he had to suppress his rage.

Meanwhile, Wesley dropped his gaze, and his expression was bizarre.

“Let’s go.” Catherine held Freya’s hand. When she walked past Wesley, she could not help but pause for a moment. “Are you leaving? Or are you going to stay here and catch up with President Campos?”

“I’m leaving with you.” Wesley cast a gentle look at Catherine.

After the four of them left, Charlie stomped his feet in a huff and kicked the garbage bin beside him.

Melanie said with disdain, “I never thought Catherine’s friend would get into the Snow family. Anyhow, what’s so great about it? It’s only an engagement. Who knows if she’ll be dumped someday? After all, we all know that Rodney is only in love with Sarah.”

Charlie’s brows moved. “How’s your relationship with Sarah?”

“…So-so.” Melanie said embarrassedly, “But Joanne is quite close to her.”

In fact, Melanie disliked Sarah. Since young, she had always been jealous of Sarah for being able to capture Shaun’s heart.

“Our enemy’s enemy is our friend. We can take advantage of Sarah.” Charlie raised his brows. “If we develop a good relationship with Sarah, I don’t mind giving her full support in marrying into the Snow family.”

“That’s true. After all, we’re not on good terms with Freya. If she marries into the Snow family, she’ll tear us apart, and it’ll ruin the Campos family’s progress.” Melanie nodded in agreement.

In this day and age, one had to get along well with the prime minister’s family no matter how rich he or she was.

Meanwhile, when Mason arrived at the private room of the buyer who bid 15o billion dollars, the room was already empty.

All that was left behind was a warm, steamy cup of coffee on the table.

“Excuse me, Mr. Campos. That buyer has left, but his secretary is currently handling the handover process with the auction staff over there,” said the server who was doing the cleaning.

Mason shot his assistant a look, and his assistant swiftly left.

With her arm hooked through Mason’s, Joanne said, “Mason, who the hell had the nerve to make you look bad? You must punish him severely.”

“Maybe… A foreigner.”

Mason pulled a long face. No matter who it was, opposing him in public despite his warning was a real slap in the face.

150 billion dollars. Damn it.

That person was obviously trying to help the Hill family make more money.

In truth, the market price of the Hill family’s manor was only 1oo billion dollars at most.

Who on earth was trying to help the Hill family?

When he turned around, Lea happened to run into this private room, panting. The moment she caught sight of Mason, a hint of hatred flashed across her eyes.

Mason shuddered. He could not believe that Lea dared to ‘hate’ him with his current status.

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