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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1022

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1022

150 billion dollars was indeed an astronomical price.

Mason had warned others not to raise the price. Hence, now that someone had the audacity to call out such a sky-high price, it was plain that he was challenging Campos Corporation.

The host was dumbfounded, but he then said excitedly, “150 billion dollars, going once, going twice… Sold.”

In the private room, Freya was astonished. “Who was the one who shouted this price out of the blue? 15o billion dollars? Let me do some math. It’s a lot.”

“This amount… is not something many people can fork out.” Catherine was surprised. Somehow, the mysterious man whom she caught smoking earlier crossed her mind.

“Don’t Mason want to continue bidding?” Freya sighed. “Is that it?”

“Considering how petty Mason is, would he be willing to fork out 1oo billion dollars? That’d be a joke.” The moment Catherine opened the door, two men blocked her way.

“It’s a woman.” One of the men snorted. “Wait here. Chairman Campos would like to meet you. ”

“Hey, Catherine, so it was you who called out the price.” Charlie and Melanie, who happened to pass by, suddenly came to take a dig at her. “How savage of you. You don’ t have Shaun backing you up now, yet you dare challenge us.”

“You’re biting off more than you can chew.” Charlie fixed his burning eyes on Catherine and smiled.

Catherine snickered. “The Campos family actually caught me by surprise. How shameless of you guys to bid 1oo dollars. That was an eye -opener for me.”

Charlie’s expression shifted into annoyance before he let out a cold laugh. “For an unlucky place like the Hill family’s manor, adding 1oo dollars was extremely kind of us.”

“Exactly. Whoever stays there will be unlucky. I mean, the Hills are currently so poor that they even have to sell off their manor.” Melanie made fun of their mishap.

“I know you guys couldn’t bring yourselves to buy it but didn’t allow others to buy it as well. Mason must be putting the buyer in trouble now. Let me advise you guys. Not anyone can take out 150 billion dollars effortlessly to invest in a manor. Think about it. Can the Campos family easily fork out this amount?” Catherine reminded them.

Charlie furrowed his brows together.

150 billion dollars was nothing much to the Campos family considering their wealth today.

Nevertheless, forking such a large sum of money in such a short period would require them to hold a meeting. The bigger the business was, the more cash flow they needed.

Hardly anyone in Australia could fork out this amount of money, except for those established gentries. However, that voice… she had never heard it before.

Could it be a foreigner?

Having said that, why would a rich foreigner come to Canberra and buy the largest manor in Australia?

She became increasingly vigilant for fear that someone would take advantage of her, especially Charlie and Mason.

After all, they had just tasted the sweetness of power.

“Cathy, why are you here?”

At this moment, Wesley walked past the spot and caught sight of her. His handsome face twitched as he immediately walked up to her.

Catherine shifted her eyes to Wesley, and he was not alone. Beside him was his secretary, Regina Trent, who had a graceful figure. Catherine had seen her before, but she had not given her much thought.

“Miss Jones…” Regina greeted Catherine with a smile.

Catherine nodded, but before she could speak, Freya said, “President Campos is blocking our way. He’s throwing his weight around and stopping us from leaving.”

Wesley turned his gaze to Charlie, who then said grumpily, “The person who bid 50 billion dollars was Catherine. President Lyons, this woman is, dare I say it, thinking about helping the Hill family. You should beware of her cuckolding you again.”

Wesley’s handsome face darkened, looking extremely unpleasant in an instant. Catherine explained, “Don’t get me wrong. I thought of buying the manor and selling it off later to make millions of dollars.”

“Didn’t you receive the warning from us?” Charlie asked fiercely.

“You guys planned on buying the manor but couldn’t bear to spend so much, so you guys deliberately threatened others not to buy it and even stopped them from raising the price. I know what’s on your minds.” Catherine scoffed.

“Charlie, you guys are just businessmen. After all, you’re not the prime minister. You can’t possibly cover things up. Am I right, Freya?”

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