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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1021

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1021

The host of the auction looked awkward.

It was his first time encountering such a situation.

Freya was so furious that she slammed her hand on the table. “All of you are powerful figures in Australia. Have you no shame? Damn, if I could fork out 50 billion dollars, I would’ve bid the manor. ”

“Who doesn’t wish to buy the manor? In fact, a lot of people do, but they are forced to listen to Campos Corporation,” Catherine said complicatedly.

Someone outside started to bid once more. “40.2 billion dollars.”
After hearing this voice, Catherine’s expression changed. Others might not recognize it, but she knew it was Wesley’s voice as she had known him for several years.

She never thought that he would come. Did he receive a warning from the Campos family as well?

Somehow, Catherine was quite disappointed.

In her eyes, Wesley was a gentleman. He could hate

Shaun, but he probably would not make things worse for him.

Clearly, she was wrong.
After Wesley called out 4o.2 billion dollars, nobody else made a bid.

The host was speechless. He seriously wondered if these wealthy people came to this auction to cause trouble. “Anyone else wants to bid? 40.2 billion dollars, going once…”

“5o billion dollars, ” Catherine suddenly said with a throaty voice, sounding like a man.

Her throaty voice had caused an uproar outside. Everyone turned their gazes to Catherine’s private room, but nobody could tell who she was since the window of her room remained closed.

Shortly after, a clear smashing sound came from one of the private rooms. It evidently served as a warning.

Catherine raised her brows. It must be Mason who was warning her.

Freya widened her eyes at Catherine and whispered, “Can you shell out 5o billion dollars?”

“My dad should be able to pay for it,” Catherine answered reluctantly.

“Aren’t you afraid of offending the Campos family?” Freya grimaced. “You actually want to help the Hill family, right?”

“Just like you, I enjoy standing up for justice.” Catherine darted a glance at her. “Besides, even if I’ve successfully bid the manor, I can sell it to someone and earn tens of billions of dollars.

“You’re right.”

Someone soon called out from outside. “50 billion and 100 dollars.”

This was Mason’s voice.

Freya almost spat the coffee in her mouth. “Damn. Now that Mason is the wealthiest person in Australia, how dare he add 1oo dollars only?”

The corners of Catherine’s mouth twitched. She was at a loss for words. She realized that Mason was not only despicable but also extremely… petty.

It was outrageous that this kind of person became the wealthiest person in Australia.

“50.2 billion dollars, ” Catherine called out again. “I’ll add another hundred dollars.”

This time, it was Wesley’s voice.

Catherine rubbed her forehead. She was… rather disappointed in Wesley.

At this moment, a man’s cold and deep voice

sounded from the right side. “150 billion dollars. “

With that, a commotion arose across the auction room.

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