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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1020

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1020

Catherine presumed that Lea was about to withdraw the Hill family’s manor for auctioning. However, that would be… quite impossible.

Most of the guests were here tonight for the manor. If it was withdrawn so abruptly, the organizer would lose its credibility and might not be able to organize an auction anymore.

Only after Lea went out of sight did Catherine head to the restroom, feeling preoccupied.

When Catherine made a turn, she suddenly saw a tall man leaning against the wall smoking.

She was taken aback.

She wondered how long this man had stood here. He had probably heard the conversation between Lea and Mason.

With that, she could not help but throw him a glance.

The man was really tall, and there was a hideous scar on his cheek. Although he was wearing a pair of sunglasses, his prominent features and tall nose

were visible. Dressed in a black suit, he gave the illusion that he was intimidating.

This man looked like he was in his forties, but he must have been very charming when he was younger.

Even now, he looked quite charming, much less when he was young.

As if he had noticed her gaze, the man took out the cigarette from his mouth. After that, he left with his hands shoved in the pockets of his trousers.

As soon as Catherine returned to the private room from the washroom, Freya grumbled, “You took such a long time. The bidding for the Hill family’s manor is about to begin.”

“Let it be, then. The manor will definitely go to Campos Corporation tonight.” At the thought of Lea’s bleak silhouette, Catherine began to sympathize with her.

“How do you know?” Freya gazed at her curiously.

Catherine could not help but tell her everything she just witnessed. Upon hearing it, Freya flew into a rage.

“Mason has gone too far. The Hill family’s manor is so huge and situated in the mountains, yet its reserve price is merely 40 billion dollars. This amount isn’t even enough to cover the cost of the land. I’ll raise the paddle later and call out 5o billion dollars to increase the price. I don’t like the Hills, but I hate a scumbag who goes back on his word and dumps his wife even more.”

Catherine blinked. “What if nobody else bids after you call out 5o billion dollars? Are you able to fork out that amount?”

Freya suddenly felt dispirited.

“Don’t bid. If Mason found out, he’d cause you trouble. ” Catherine reminded her, “Can’t you tell that Mason is the sort who’ll seek revenge on the smallest grievances.”

At 9:00 p.m., the bidding for the Hill family’s manor finally began.

The host said, “The Hill family manor is the largest manor in Australia. It has 8oo,ooo square feet and features an orchard, racecourse, golf club — you name it. They say most Australians dream of having a one-week staycation at the Hill family’s manor. Even a random tree there costs more than 1oo thousand dollars due to its long history. Now, we’ll

start the bidding at 40 billion dollars.”

Soon, a paddle from the first private room went up. “40 billion dollars and ten cents.”

“Haha. You’re too petty. I’m calling out 4o billion and loo dollars. I’m more generous.”

“ I’ll add l000 dollars, and that’s the maximum. “

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