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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1019

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1019

“Aunty Lea, have you been under a lot of stress lately? You look much older than before.”

Joanne gloated while covering her mouth. “But that’s understandable with the Hill family’s current predicament. If I were you, I’d be so anxious that my hair would’ve turned gray.”

“Even if I’m old, I’m still much stronger than a person like you who sleeps with a man of your dad’s age.” Lea was now much more sensible and calm. To put it another way, she had no right to be sad or mad anymore.

“You…” Joanne’s expression shifted. She then shook Mason and said, “Hubby, look. She’s calling you old, but I don’t think so. You look very young, like you’re in your 30s.”

“What a smooth talker you are.” Mason pinched her cheek flirtatiously.

Lea felt like vomiting at the sight of their interaction.

Mason may have kept a good shape over the years,

which made him look like he was in his 40s even though he was 5o years old. However, he did look like Joanne’s father when they stood next to each other.

To Lea, the young Mason was a warm, talented, and perfect man. At this point, however, he filled her with disgust.

She was not even sure why she would fall for a man like Mason back then.

“Hubby, stop it. Look how terrible Aunty Lea’s face is. She must be unhappy. She’s your ex-wife, after all.”

“You’re overthinking it. I probably find this scene pretty disgusting because of the huge age gap between you both.” Lea pursed her lips sarcastically.

Mason’s expression changed, and his gaze became grim. “Lea, don’t think that I don’t know you’re planning to sell off the Hill family’s manor because you’re running out of working capital.

Unfortunately, your plan is doomed to fail.”

“What do you mean?” Lea frowned.

Joanne covered her mouth and chuckled. “It means that Mason has pulled some strings. Many wealthy and noble families have shown up tonight, and they’re quite interested in buying the manor. The reserve price of the manor is 40 billion dollars, but Mason has warned them not to offer any price exceeding 4o.1billion dollars during the bidding. By then, Mason will bid for it, and the three of us will be living there.”

Mason’s motive instantly dawned on Lea. She stared at him incredulously while trembling with anger.

“Mason Campos, don’t go too far. You already have everything you want. The Campos family has become the most influential family in Australia, and you’re now a high-ranking figure. Why do you have to destroy Hill Corporation without leaving a way out for us?”

In fact, if Lea were not desperate for money, she would have taken her time to sell the manor. Even if she set the selling price at 1oo billion dollars, someone would surely buy it.

Although the reserve price of the manor tonight was 40 billion dollars, she thought it would not be a problem for it to go for 8o billion at least. However, she did not expect Mason to be so despicable.

At the sight of her panicking, Mason smiled in satisfaction.

“How did I destroy Hill Corporation? 40 billion dollars is already enough for everyone in the Hill family to live for the rest of their lives. You should be content. Lea. You’re not young anymore either, so why do you want to work so hard? Be careful. You might end up without a penny left.”

“Yeah. Look, Shaun is the best example, isn’t he?” Joanne said conceitedly, “Such a large Hill family has already been destroyed by that son of yours, so you’d better not be greedy.”

Lea lifted her hand to slap Mason in the face.

Nevertheless, Mason had braced himself for it. He pushed her away and put his hand around Joanne’s waist. “Let’s go.”

“Mason, Liam’s whereabouts are still unknown, yet you have the mood to think of ways to scheme against me and accompany another woman.” Lea moaned with sorrow, “Are you even a human? Liam is your son.”

“What can I do? I wasn’t the one who contributed to his disappearance. What’s more, he’s not my only son. Unlike you, Joanne can give birth to my child with her body anytime.” After that, Mason left with Joanne, unbothered.

Lea stood there in a daze. Only after a long while was she struck by a thought, and she swiftly walked toward the organizer of the event.

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