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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1018

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1018

When Catherine was looking at a men’s suit, someone tapped her from behind.

Freya smilingly appeared beside her. “It’s been more than a month. Tsk, absence really does make the heart grow fonder. You finally asked me out.”

“Alright. I just want you to help me pick a men’s shirt.” Catherine took a blue shirt and asked, “What about this?”

“This shirt looks young. If you’re not buying this for your dad, it has to be either for Wesley or Shaun, ” Freya responded after glancing at it.

Catherine’s face fell. “Do you think I’ll buy it for Shaun? I’m getting it for Wesley. I made him angry, so I’m planning to buy him a shirt and apologize to him. But I don’t know his size. Sigh.”

“Don’t bother buying a shirt, then. If it’s for a man, you should buy a watch instead. Come on. Let’s go and pick a nice watch.”

With that, Freya dragged her out of the store. Catherine thought it through for a while and felt

that a watch would match a man’s identity better as well. “Did I interrupt your work by asking you out this afternoon?”

“Please, I’m a director as well as Rodney’s fiancée. I can leave whenever I want. Who would have the guts to stop me? What’s more, Rodney is busy bailing Shaun out of the police station. He’s too busy to concern himself with the company’s affairs.”

Catherine furrowed her brows. Freya and she seemed to mention Shaun’s name very frequently.

Just as Catherine was about to change the topic, Freya suddenly moved closer to her and whispered into her ear, “I heard something happened to Shaun in the detention center. He was even sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.”

Catherine was stunned. “With his skills, how could something have happened to him? He should be able to deal with ten people easily.”

“I have no idea, but his injuries seem quite severe.” Freya added, “When I had a meal with the Snows the other day, I heard Aunty Wendy mentioning it. Oh well, what goes around comes around.”

Catherine was dazed, but in the end, she forced herself not to dwell on it. “Stop bringing Shaun up.

I’m not interested. Come on, take a look at the watches.”

“Tsk. I just wanted you to cheer you up.”

“As long as he doesn’t come looking for me, I’m happy.”

Catherine eventually chose a Patek Philippe SA watch.

Catherine was about to return home after they both had dinner, but Freya held onto her. “Accompany m e to a place. Let’s go.”

Only when they arrived at the venue did Catherine realize that it was an auction, and all the wealthy families in Australia were gathered here tonight.

“Why did you bring me here?” Catherine pulled a long face.

“Please, the Hill family’s manor is up for auction tonight. I can’t afford it, but it won’t stop me from watching the fun.” Freya dragged Catherine in excitedly.

“Hold on. Let me buy a cap.” Catherine stopped her. “I’m sure Melanie and the rest are here as well. I don’t want to see them. I’m afraid I might be disgusted.”

“That’s true. Now that her husband, Charlie, is the most influential young master in Australia, I guess she has become very uppity.” Freya bought the same cap as her as well, and with sunglasses on, both of them walked into the private room on the second floor, keeping a low profile.

There were many items up for auction tonight, with the Hill family’s manor being the last one.

During the auction, Catherine headed to the restroom and happened to come across Lea and Mason.

However, they were not a loving couple anymore. Mason had his hand wrapped around a lovely young woman beside him, who was none other than Joanne Holt. Both of them seemed like they were trying to put Lea in a difficult position.

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