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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1017

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1017

“Hey, say something.”

Shaun’s behavior made Rodney uneasy. “Now is not the time to feel sad. You still have a lawsuit to dispute. The Campos family deliberately made this matter big to attract the public’s attention. If something hadn’t happened to you in the detention center, we wouldn’t have been able to bail you.”

“The police have forbidden you from leaving Canberra. ” Chester sighed and said, “What actually happened to Liam? Why is he missing all of a sudden?”

Rodney said, “Could it be Liam and Mason trying to scheme against you? Liam could, very well, be hiding.”

Shaun closed his eyes, his black lashes casting a tired shadow beneath his eyes. “I’m not sure, but I have a sinking feeling that this matter might have t o do with Mason. How does Mason look?”

Chester recalled the incident. “When I confronted him in the police station, he looked quite angry, but

… I didn’t sense any sadness in him.”

“Liam must be f*cking hiding, ” Rodney said in exasperation.

“Maybe not.” Shaun shook his head. “Liam was pretty badly injured at that time. If he was hiding, Mason would surely get him a doctor. But I heard that the Campos, including Mason, didn’t look for a doctor. I suspect… Liam could be… killed.”

Toward the end of his sentence, Shaun’s voice choked with bitterness. Even his heart ached for a moment.

Rodney was shocked. “Who killed him?”

Chester analyzed the situation. “Besides his disagreement with Shaun, Liam has no enemies. The person who killed Liam might want to use his death as a pretext for sending Shaun to jail.

“After all, witnesses in the hotel saw Shaun’s people taking Liam away, so Shaun is the prime suspect for Liam’s disappearance. Think about who Shaun’s enemy is in Canberra.”

“Wesley Lyons?” Rodney was dumbfounded. “Or Mason Campos? It can’t be Mason since Liam is his son.”

“Wesley is more likely to be the suspect.” Chester shifted his gaze to Shaun. “What do you think?”

Shaun’s eyes trembled. A moment later, he gnashed his teeth and replied, “Probably. Wesley could be the one who instructed the people in the detention center to deal with me as well.”

Hence, Shaun pulled himself together and reflected on it. Mason was his business rival. If Mason were to attack him, he would not target that part of his body. In this case, the suspect had to be Wesley.

Shaun was quite surprised at Wesley being the suspect.

In his eyes, Wesley was merely an ant that he could step on however he wished. He could even snatch Wesley’s woman away for a month, and even then, Wesley was too scared to do anything.

However, when Shaun thought it through, he found this type of person quite terrifying. Wesley might seem elegant and gentle on the surface, but no one knew what was on his mind. He was like… how Mason used to be.

All of a sudden, Shaun was concerned about Catherine. Would Wesley harbor a grudge against Catherine for the video Shaun sent him the last time?

Perhaps future Catherine would be current Lea.

He had to remind Catherine. However, she might not trust him.

“I’ll ask someone to look into Wesley, but what matters now is to bring Liam back, regardless of whether he’s dead or alive. Meanwhile, the Campos family will definitely sue you. I’ll get you a better lawyer, ” said Chester.

“Thanks.” Never had Shaun thought that he, the most outstanding lawyer in Australia, would one day be involved in a lawsuit. “I already know how to tackle the case. If I have to go to court with the Campos family, let me lead the case. I’ll win it.”

“Alright, then.”

In a men’s clothing store of a mall.

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