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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1015

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1015

Who on earth was that ruthless person?

Mason Campos? He did not have such a deep- seated hatred for Liam, did he?

Could it be someone else?

“Motherf*cker. How dare you kick me?” That man wiped his injured mouth.

Just as he was about to walk toward Shaun, the police suddenly came in and yelled, “What are you guys doing? How dare you guys beat each other in private even when you’re locked up.”

In the villa situated on the coast.

When Wesley received a call, his lips curled upward. “Is it done?”

“Yes. The person in the detention center said that Shaun’s thigh was bleeding profusely, so he’ll most likely become a eunuch in the future.”

“Most likely?” Wesley narrowed his eyes. “I want it to be certain.”

Considering that Shaun had humiliated him time and time again, Wesley wanted him utterly destroyed.

Wesley wondered how Shaun was now going to play around with women since he enjoyed it so much.

Would Shaun have the dignity to approach Catherine if he was a eunuch?

“I can’t be certain about it, ” Wesley’s subordinate said with a low voice. “When the person was about t o attack him the second time, Chester happened to b e there to see Shaun, and he witnessed the whole thing when the police officer brought him in.”

“F*ck, ” Wesley cursed gruffly.

“President Lyons, I heard the man was very brutal with the attack, so it was most probably ruined,” the subordinate comforted Wesley.

“Mm.” Wesley’s elegant and handsome face twisted grimly.

As soon as Rodney received the news, he rushed to the hospital. Chester had already been waiting outside the emergency room for a while.

“How’s Shaun? Damn. Which b*stard did this to Shaun?” Rodney looked stern. “That person really wanted to make Shaun impotent and childless, huh? Could it be Mason? That was very cruel of him. Why couldn’t he let the Hills go, considering their predicament? Did he resent the Hills that much? Did he have to go this far?”

“I don’t think it was Mason…” Chester took a drag on his cigarette before he suddenly said in a low voice, “Indeed, Mason and the Hill family don’t resent each other so much, but Mason is very perverted. Particularly because he used to be in the lowest rank, the Hill family must have looked down on him for the past ten years or so. Now that it’s finally Mason’s turn to become successful, he wants to destroy the Hill family completely. He even wants to cover up those who have lent him a hand because he treats their help as a form of humiliation. To him, he believes that he can succeed without the Hill family.”

Rodney froze for a moment. Then, he thought it over and felt that Mason could indeed have this mindset. “Wow, Chester. When did you learn to analyze someone’s mental state?”

“I did some research on it when I dealt with Shaun’s illness previously.”

Chester said with a frown, “Why would that person target that part of Shaun’s? Clearly, he wanted Shaun to be childless and impotent. People who do that usually mean to take revenge.”

Rodney blinked. “It means that person is Shaun’s rival, but… Wesley is his only rival.” Rodney was dumbfounded when he blurted out the name ‘Wesley’. “Can it be? Wesley is well known for his good temper and elegance. Many people even label him as an infatuated man.”

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