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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1013

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1013

“Even if you didn’t do this, Liam’s disappearance surely has to do with you.” Lea was consumed with regret.

These days, she had been so muddleheaded and overwhelmed by Mason’s cheating and betrayal that she had neglected her two sons.

By the time she came to her senses, Liam had gone missing.

“Shaun Hill, if you don’t bring Liam back, I’ll never acknowledge you as my son.” Once Lea finished her sentence in hysterics, she suddenly felt faint. 3

“Madam.” Chance swiftly held her.

Shaun leaped to his feet and carried Lea. Then, he raced her to the hospital.

After conducting different types of blood tests, the doctor said, “Madam Hill hasn’t slept for a few days or so. Her fatigue and blood insufficiency have also contributed to her feeling faint. She needs to take care of her health by relaxing and worrying less.”

A bitter look washed over Shaun’s face. By the look of things, how could Lea possible relax?

Shortly after the doctor left the ward, a few police officers walked in.

“Mr. Hill, Mason Campos has reported to the police that you have kidnapped his youngest son.

Liam Hill’s whereabouts are still not known. Please follow us to the police station for investigation.”

Shaun’s eyes darkened. He was worried that Mason would attack him using Liam’s incident, but little did he expect that it would happen so soon.

“Okey. Let me have a word with my mom, and I’ll go with you guys immediately.”

Shaun turned arround and walked to the bed. Lea’s condition had improved slightly after she received an IV infusion. However, she still looked pale.

“Mom, I know you hate me, but you should know that Liam is Mason’s son. Now that Mason is riding high, what I’d do at most is to take it out on Liam. I wouldn’t go as far as killing him. As you can see now, the campos family has called the police.”


Lea looked bewildered and astonished.

Shaun did not have enough time to explain further to her. “Many companies out there, especially Holt”

Corporation that has Campos Corporation’s backing, are planning to swallow Hill Corporation whole. After I’m taken to the police station, Holt Corporation will surely get other corporations together to destroy Hill Corporation. You’d better sell off those insurance companies, hotels, and electronics companies under Hill Corporation that have been making losses for years.

“Get rid of the Hill family’s manor as soon as possible too. Invest solely in the financial industry o f Hill Corporation. Only then will we be able to maintain Hill Corporation’s business.”

“Sell off?” Lea was still lost in thought.

“Mom, I think you were a superwoman in the business industry twenty years ago. Don’t let Mason look down on you. What’s more, Hill Corporation wouldn’t have come to this point if it weren’t for you.

“Now is the time for you to make it up to the Hills. You won’t want to see Grandpa and Grandma homeless at their age, right?”

Once Shaun finished speaking, he turned around and left with the police.

Lea was startled. When she thought it through, she realized that she had hardly concerned herself with the company’s matters considering Shaun’s power for the past few years.

No wonder Mason looked down on her. Even she looked down on herself.

After ten minutes of silence, it finally hit Lea that now was not the time for her to feel sad for herself even though being abandoned by Mason made her upset and miserable.

“Hadley, come over here.” “Madam…” Hadley’s eyes glinted.

“Hurry up and sell off the companies under Hill Corporation. Let’s see how much working capital we can obtain from there.” Lea’s pretty face immediately exuded a strong sense of authority.

Hadley was relieved. Luckily, the realization came home to Lea soon enough, or the Hill family would be destroyed.

An hour later, news of Shaun’s arrest had spread across the whole of Australia.

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