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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1012

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1012

Wesley took two steps backward and gave a bitter laugh before he turned on his heel and left.

Lucas and Suzie ran to Catherine. “Mommy, why did Uncle Wesley leave? Did both of you quarrel?”

“Go and have your dinner.” Catherine bent over and replied gently.

There was a great sense of fatigue in the depths of her eyes.

In the next two days, Shaun asked all Liona members to search for Liam. However, it seemed as if he had vanished into thin air.

“Eldest Young Master, we’ve checked the records at the train stations, airports, and highways, but Liam didn’t leave from any of these places. Even the foreign hospitals don’t have Liam’s clinical record, ” Chance reported his findings with a frown.

“At present, there are only two possibilities. The first possibility is that Liam has been locked up.

Another one is that… He’s dead.”

Sitting on the leather chair, Shaun felt as if a bucket of cold water was poured over his tall figure.


How could it be? How could someone as hard to defeat as Liam be dead?

His hands trembled as he took out a cigarette from the cigarette pack.

“Chance, you’re the last person who saw Liam. Try your best to recall carefully. When you left, was there anyone else around?” Shaun suddenly roared.

Chance quaked. The only thing he knew was that Yael was in the car too. Nevertheless, Yael had no reason to harm Liam since they did not have a grudge against each other.

“No, Eldest Young Master.”

As soon as Chance finished speaking, Lea rushed into the office.

“Shaun, Mason just called and told me that he couldn’t reach Liam. He found out that you took Liam to Liona. Did you imprison Liam there?”

Shaun froze. What worried him most had happened eventually.

“Mom, I punched Liam three days ago, but I sent him away right after that.”

Lea was dazed. “If he had betrayed Hill Corporation, the punch would’ve served him right. But it’s strange that we can’t reach him.”

Shaun pursed his thin lips grimly and was silent for some time.

Looking at Shaun, Lea got increasingly anxious, so she shifted her eyes to Chance.

Chance kept his head down and said, “We abandoned him in a remote alley in the north of the city, but we couldn’t trace him after that. Eldest Young Master has been searching for him in the past few days, yet Liam is nowhere to be found…”

Lea took two ghastly steps backward. After all, Liam was her son with whom she was pregnant for ten months.

“If he’s still alive, why can’t anyone trace him? Shaun, are you lying simply because you want to kill Liam?”

“I’m not…”

Those words sent shivers down Shaun’s spine. However, Lea acted as if she did not hear what Shaun said as she dashed to him and slapped him straight away.

“I can understand that you hate Liam. I won’t stop you from punching him however you want, but you can’t kill him. After all, he’s your younger brother.”

Amid her speech, Lea broke into tears.

“Liam is still young. He went astray because I didn’t get him a good dad and educate him properly. Why did you have to kill him?”

“Madam, Eldest Young Master really didn’t kill Second Young Master,” Chance explained.

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