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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1011

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1011

Joel said, “The Holt family is planning to buy Hill Corporation for a song while the Campos family is secretly inciting the matter. Now, all the wealthy families in Canberra are just waiting to watch the drama unfold.”

As Catherine listened to Joel, she was increasingly disgusted by those wealthy families in Canberra.

“Alas, poor Suzie. I shouldn’t have let her return to the Hill family.” Joel sighed. “Anyway, don’t overthink it. Have a great life with Wesley in the future. Don’t let him down again.”

“Mm.” Catherine lowered her head.

When it was time for dinner, Wesley drove over.

The minute Wesley saw Suzie, he held her up happily. “Suzie, why don’t you come to my house with your mommy tomorrow?”

“Oh, okay…” Suzie answered by stretching out her voice, neither happy nor sad. She just felt that Wesley’s house was not her home. “Mommy, are you going to move to Uncle Wesley’s place?”

“Suzie, go and have dinner with Lucas first.”

When Catherine sent Suzie away, Wesley gazed at her with a gentle look. “What’s wrong?”

“Wesley, I might… have to move over only after some time.” Faced with a dilemma, Catherine explained, “I could bring Suzie here today only because I promised Shaun not to bring her over to yours to stay. I’m sorry, but I can’t leave Suzie alone. A lot of things have been going on in the Hill family recently, and she’s been lonely because nobody keeps her company.”

“ I thought it was a serious issue.” Wesley touched her head with a smile. “Although you can’t move to my place, I can move here. It’s still the same, and you can move to my place once Suzie returns to the Hill family.”

Catherine froze and could not quite catch what he said.

“Don’t you welcome me?” Wesley raised his brows all of a sudden.

“…No, no.” Catherine was rather confused. “But I have two children sleeping with me at night. The bed might not be able to fit…”

“It’s fine. I can sleep in the guest room.” Wesley did not make things difficult for her. Catherine nodded.

“However… You can’t just accompany your kids all the time and ignore me.” Wesley extended his hands and wrapped them around her. With an affectionate tone, he added, “Cathy, I’m also a normal man.”


Catherine’s face flushed as she felt awkward.

Particularly when Wesley hugged her, she could smell a faint masculine scent from his body, which somehow reminded her of Shaun’s scent.

In fact, she was not averse to Wesley’s hugs before she got married.

However, she had been with Shaun every day of this month. Moreover, since Shaun enjoyed kissing her i n particular, she had slowly gotten used to his scent.

As this thought struck her, she suddenly shuddered. She could not behave like this anymore.

“By the way, when are you going to the police station, Cathy?” Wesley asked abruptly. “The case of Shaun kidnapping you isn’t over yet.”

Catherine’s head began to hurt. Only then did she experience how difficult it was to remarry while having two children.

“Wesley, I… I don’t plan to sue him. Suzie’s birth certificate is with the Hill family. If Shaun goes to jail, Suzie will have no one to depend on. I don’t think you know that Liam has gone missing…”

This time, Wesley’s elegant and handsome face froze in spite of himself.

“Cathy, have you thought about how the public will see us if you don’t file a lawsuit against Shaun?

They will criticize you for being indecent even though you’re married. They might even think that you haven’t gotten over Shaun. As for me, it clearly shows that I’ve been cuckolded. Can’t you just… consider things from my end?”

Given that Catherine rarely saw Wesley getting so indignant, she was at her wits’ end. “But I need to think about it from Suzie’s end too.”

“But I don’t think you’ve even gotten over Shaun. ” A miserable look washed over Wesley’s face. “ Cathy, when you went missing for the whole of last month, what worried me most was not whether you slept with Shaun but whether you fell for him again. No matter how much I’ve done for you, I’m always the lowest on your list of priorities. ”

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