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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1010

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1010

Of course, Shaun knew that the current him was no longer worthy of Catherine.

Catherine walked out of the elevator. On the side, Hadley stepped out from another elevator and quickly caught up to her.

“Ms. Jones, I need to talk to you.”

Catherine stopped. “What do you want to say, Hadley?”

Hadley said awkwardly, “Actually, I heard a little about what Eldest Young Master Hill and you talked about in the office earlier. I want to ask you not to sue him.”

Catherine frowned. If it were someone else, she would not hesitate to refuse, but she owed Hadley.

“Hadley, he’s a devil. I just wanted to start another life with Wesley, but he ruined it. He even made a big fuss and ruined my reputation. Do you know how many people out there are laughing at Wesley and me? I’m not just doing it for myself. I have to give Wesley an explanation too.”

“But if you really sue the Eldest Young Master Hill now and he goes to jail for even as short as two years, without him sitting in Hill Corporation, it’ll be swallowed up by others until nothing is left.

“Willie has been beaten silly, while Liam betrayed u s and went missing. Lea lives every day like she has lost her soul. Valerie and Spencer are incompetent.

“The old madam is too old and suffering from all kinds of ailments due to the stimulation recently, so we don’t know how long she’ll last. Of course, they’re people who have nothing to do with you, but you have to think about Suzie…”

Hadley reminded her helplessly, “You and I both know that although Liam is Suzie’s pretend father, she’s actually Eldest Young Master Hill’s daughter. It’s impossible to send Suzie to the Campos family. I f the Hill family falls, what will happen to Suzie? She will really become a child without a father or a mother!

“Although Eldest Young Master Hill thinks that Suzie is his niece, he really does treat her well.

Perhaps because he’s actually her father. Suzie also cares deeply about him as well.”

Catherine fell silent.

She indeed had not thought so much before.

What Hadley said made sense.

However, if she did not sue Shaun, how would she explain it to Wesley?

“Miss Jones, that’s all I can say.” Hadley did not say anything else and turned to go upstairs.

Not long after Catherine returned to Hudson, Suzie was brought over by the Hill family’s driver.

It had been more than a month since she saw the little girl. Catherine brought her out to buy some pretty clothes and even bought her a big cake

before bringing her back to the Yule family’s villa to eat with Lucas.

She had a lively personality, which was different from Lucas, and made Joel extra happy.

“Cathy, Suzie is really delightful. Why don’t you leave her here and let the two little ones accompany me? I feel much younger already.” It had been a long time since Joel was so happy.

Suzie thought about it and shook her head seriously. “Grandpa, I can’t. I have to accompany Great -grandma. She’s so pitiful. In the past, she had Great-grandpa to accompany her, but she’s all alone now.”

“ Suzie, you’re such a filial child.” Joel praised her but sighed and turned to Catherine. “I heard that the Hill family is planning to sell the manor.”

Catherine was stunned. “Is the Hill family really that desperate?”

Joel knocked on the desk. “Hill Corporation has too many subsidiaries which need a lot of money to run. Actually, the microchip was a gamble taken on by Shaun. If he won, he would become among the richest men in the world, but if he lost, it would be like falling to the ground from heaven. Business is all about risks and opportunities coexisting.”

Catherine was silent before saying, “I heard that Holt Corporation wants to buy Hill Corporation.”

“Yeah, Holt Corporation is running wild now. You probably don’t know this but the daughter of Holt Corporation, Joanne Holt, is having an affair with Mason Campos. They even have an illegitimate child together.”

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