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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1008

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1008

“You want me to get lost?” President Hale sneered. “Shaun Hill, I think you’re still dreaming. Hill Corporation is a thing of the past now. Your Hill family isn’t even as good as a small company under my Hale Corporation. In the past, you were high above me and didn’t care about me, but now, I can find someone to get you killed anytime.”

“Sure, you can try.” Shaun suddenly stood up.

His tall body and aura after staying in a high position for a long time instantly overwhelmed the short and stout President Hale.

“Fine, since you won’t do it until you’re forced to, I’ll make you regret this. Just wait.”

President Hale kicked over the chair in front of him and strode out.

When he reached the door, Catherine had her head down, so he did not look too closely.

Catherine looked at his back. She had seen this man before. He was Gary Hale from the Hale family. The Hale family was barely in the top 2o families in the capital.

However, even he could run over to Hill Corporation so arrogantly now. It was clear that Hill Corporation was not what it used to be.

In the office, Hadley said angrily, “President Hill, Gary Hale is too shameless! He didn’t even dare to speak up in front of you before and always used Joanne to cozy up to Sarah to try and please you—”

“Shut up.” Shaun glared at him warningly and looked behind him nervously. “Why are you here?”

Hadley turned around and saw Catherine walking in.

She had taken off her hat, revealing her soft and long thick hair. Her beautiful face was small and pure, but her facial features were delicate. Her nose was straight and upright, while her eyes were tinged with a layer of melancholy.

“Miss… Miss Jones…” Hadley was startled.

“Go out,” Shaun ordered him.

Hadley walked out in a complicated mood and closed the door behind him.

In the office, the two people looked at each other.

Catherine looked at Shaun. In fact, the two of them had only separated for a few days, but it was like a long time had passed. Shaun’s appearance had changed too.

That morning, he was still well-dressed, handsome, and charming. Now, his suit was all wrinkled and his eyes were bloodshot. There were dark circles under his eyes and he had a scruffy beard. It was clear that he had not rested after coming back from the island.

“Cathy, you—”

Shaun cautiously opened his mouth, but Catherine interrupted him, “I came here to ask you about Liam’s whereabouts.”

An unnatural glint flashed in Shaun’s dark eyes. “ Cathy, why are you so… concerned about Liam?”

“I think of Liam as a good friend.” Catherine lowered his eyes, afraid that he would be suspicious. “Also… He’s Suzie’s father. Suzie is already pitiful for losing her mother. If she doesn’t

have a father too, I’m afraid she won’ t be able to take it.”

Shaun was suddenly startled. He had been so busy and tired these days that he had not thought about Suzie.

“You forgot about Suzie, didn’t you?” Catherine was a little annoyed at his reaction.

“I… There have been too many things going on lately.” There was a complicated look on Shaun’s face. “Suzie is in the manor. There’s a nanny taking care of her.”

“Have you forgotten that you were also taken care of by a nanny when you were young? How did that nanny treat you?” Catherine’s expression was unpleasant. “Why don’t you… let Suzie stay with me for a few days? I’m quite worried about her. She called me in tears last night saying that she’s very lonely and couldn’t contact her daddy. She kept crying.”

Shaun’s heart throbbed in pain and he suddenly became even more upset. He hated Liam, but he had to think about Suzie as well.

“ .. Fine. I’ll come pick her up in a few days when I’m not so busy, but you can’t take her to Wesley. Otherwise, I won’t agree.”

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