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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1005

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1005

“Second Young Master Hill, sometimes, it’s not good to be too smart.” Yael raised her brows and smiled coldly.

Chills ran through Liam’s entire body. He did not expect everyone to be tricked by Yael.

Yael had made him miserable, but the most important thing for him now was to survive.

He quickly smiled and said, “Yael, in fact, I don’t blame you. You did a good job. You did what I wanted to do but didn’t dare to. You see, we’re all in the same boat. My dad is Mason Campos. You’re working for him, right? Hurry up and let me go. I’ll let my dad use you again in the future.”

Yael looked at him and laughed in a low voice. “ Second Young Master Hill, you’re so naive.”

The smile that Liam had desperately tried to squeeze froze. A thought popped up in his heart, but he did not want to accept it.

“What do you mean?”

“Isn’t it clear enough? Since I’m now working for the Campos family, why else would I bring you here if it were not for their orders?” Yael dragged him to the edge of the cliff. “Second Young Master Hill, look closely. Below this is your grave.”

Liam was racking his brain, and he even forgot to be afraid of death at this moment. His eyes were bloodshot and filled with unwillingness. “My dad wants me dead? Why? Why? I’m his son.”

“I don’t know either. Maybe it’s because you’re too useless.” Yael smiled at him. “Goodbye, Second Young Master Hill. You can die now.”

Then, she pushed Liam directly into the raging sea below.

When it was certain that he could not survive after taking the fall, Yael finally drove away.

In the city district of Canberra.
Catherine did not even go to the company. She, Logan, and Austin looked all over for Liam, but after searching for half a day, there was no trace of him. There was no news of him in any hospitals either.

She could not help but call Shaun. “Shaun Hill, where the hell did you toss Liam to? I can’t find him at all. Did you lie to me? Is he still in Liona?”

Shaun frowned. “I told Chance to toss him at a remote and old alley in the north of the city.”

“I’ve already searched for him there but I didn’t find him. He hasn’t been admitted into any hospital either.” Catherine shouted angrily, “I think you clearly want him to die! There are very few people passing by that area. By tossing him there, you’re just delaying his treatment time.”

“Since I was teaching him a lesson, was I supposed t o kindly send him to the hospital for treatment after beating him up?” Shaun became upset. “ Maybe he was taken away by the Campos family. Mason Campos has remarkable power and can even take down the Hill family. What else can the Campos family not do?”

“No, the Campos family didn’t save Liam.” Catherine became increasingly anxious. “ I asked around. Mason Campos stayed in the company the whole day without going anywhere. There was no movement in the Campos family.”

Shaun’s heart sank at her words.

After all, Liam and he were related by blood. He hated Liam, but he never wanted to kill him.

“Shaun Hill, have you ever thought that the Hill family has offended a lot of people? You just tossed Liam, who’s covered in injuries and has no ability to defend himself, to a remote place. Aren’t you afraid that someone would attack him? Besides, maybe some people know that he’s Mason’s son and kidnapped him.”

Catherine finished angrily and hung up the phone. Shaun was stunned.

He had not thought too much about it before, but after Catherine said so, it did not seem impossible.

He quickly called Chance and got him to come over. “Go and find out where Liam is and whether he went to the Campos family.”

Chance was shocked. “Eldest Young Master Hill, didn’t you just tell me to toss him out this morning? Why are you looking for him again?”

“He might be missing.”

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