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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1001

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1001

Chance calmly looked at him. “If you don’t go, there’s no chance for you to be in one piece.”

Liam gave a bitter laugh.

Fine. Shaun would not let the matter go. He already knew that.

Anyway, he wanted to find a chance to talk with Shaun too. He did not want to have the label of a betrayer tacked onto him for the rest of his life.

Soon, Chance brought him into the hall in Liona where memorial tablets of the Hill family’s elders were placed.

Shaun sat on the chair by the side. His handsome face was indifferent, and his true emotions could not be seen at all.

“Eldest Young Master Hill, I’ve brought him over.” Chance kicked Liam’s ankle hard.

Liam was caught off guard and fell to his knees. He tried to get up, but Chance forcefully pressed him down.

He gritted his teeth and stared defiantly at Shaun. “ I didn’t do anything wrong, nor did I betray the company. Shaun, you must’ve realized that I haven’ t gone to Campos Corporation at all these days. I’ve already cut ties with my dad.”

“You’ve already cut ties with him but you’re still calling him your dad. You haven’t gone over only because you feel uncomfortable at the fact that Mason Campos has an illegitimate child and another woman. You feel as if you’ve been deceived by him, right?” Shaun walked up to him, speaking i n a low and cold voice.

Liam was indignant. “Stop jumping to your own conclusions. I knew that my dad had an illegitimate child a while ago. Yes, I was tempted to make a move against the Hill family because I’ve always resented how I was being suppressed, but after I learned that he has an illegitimate child, I gave up the idea of betraying Hill Corporation. You might not know this, but my dad… He doesn’t really care about me. Even if I go to the Campos family, I’d just be an outsider. I also hate that Mason Campos betrayed my mom. I despise him.”

“ If he doesn’t care about you, why did he come to bail you out after you were sent to the police station by me?” Shaun sneered, “Right, he also made a public declaration that you’ve changed your last name. I’ll have to call you Liam Campos in the future.”

“That’s his ploy to sow discord between the Hill family and me, ” Liam explained with a growl. “He’s a sinister man.”

“I know he’s a sinister man. I know even without you telling me.” Shaun mercilessly stepped on his back.

Liam was suddenly being trampled on the ground. His eyes were red and he clenched his fist with resentment, hammering it on the ground. “I didn’t do it! Shaun, why won’t you believe me? I’ve always dared to admit to the things I’ve done.”

“I want to believe you too.” Shaun’s heart inexplicably seized when he saw Liam’s expression.

He had always thought he hated Liam’s existence, but for some reason, when he saw Liam like this, he felt inexplicably annoyed.

Maybe he did not hate Liam as much. The grievances between their elders had nothing to do with them. After all, they could not choose their families.

Originally, he wanted to give Liam the position of president of Hill Corporation in a few years. After all, he was Lea’s son. Even though they had different fathers, they were brothers who had the same mother.

“Liam, I checked the laboratory’s monitoring system. I had wanted to clear your name as well, but the time when the data was deleted is about the same time as when you entered the laboratory. If you say that it wasn’t you, who else could it be?” Shaun pressed his foot down harder. His voice was filled with disappointment and anger. “Can you face our ancestors? It took the Hill family more than a hundred years to get to where we are now, but thanks to you, it’s now completely destroyed.”

“How… How…” Liam was at a loss.

The time the data was deleted was surprisingly the same time as when he entered the lab.

It had clearly been deliberately arranged by someone.

However, the person who deleted the data worked for Mason. Why was Mason framing him like this? He was innocent. He was Mason’s son!

Tears of despair streamed down his cheeks.

“Yes, how? I want to know why our Hill family has become like this today as well.” Shaun laughed with great sadness. “I spent so much money to develop

the microchip, but you gave it to others. Never mind being the number one family in the country… Now, Hill Corporation has fallen out of the top loo enterprises in Australia. We no longer have any liquid assets. All this is thanks to you. Liam, I want to kill you, do you know that? Grandma hates you, Grandpa hates you, everyone in the Hill family hates you. You’re the same as the Campos family. You’re all a bunch of ingrates.

“If you were jealous of me and hated me, you could’ve competed with me fairly. Why did you use such despicable means?”

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