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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 1000

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 1000

Regina pretended to be scared and said in a low voice, “But the people in the company are all wondering if she’s pregnant with Shaun’s child after disappearing for so long.”

Wesley’s dark eyes instantly filled with a bloodthirsty chill. He squeezed Regina’s chin hard, and his elegant face became slightly sinister. “ Regina, I didn’t expect you would play mind games with me.”

Regina was frightened and shuddered. “P-President Lyons, I’m… I’m telling the truth.”

“It is the truth, but the nature of it is different since you’re deliberately telling me this, ” Wesley sneered sharply.

Regina’s face turned pale. She did not expect the rational Wesley to have eyes like the devil’s now.

However, it was not surprising. Other people did not know this, but as his secretary, she knew that he worked closely with Campos Corporation. He was a s unfathomable as Mason Campos.

“Be good and do what you’re told. Don’t try playing tricks with me.” Wesley gently patted her face. “ If you know your place, I might give you the chance to conceive a child. Although you’ll never be able to sit in the position of Mrs. Lyons, I’ll give you everything you need in life.”

“…Thank you, President Lyons.” Regina was overjoyed.

She did not care about the position of Mrs. Lyons. What she cared about were Wesley and his power.

“Then serve me well tonight.”

Wesley directly picked her up and went upstairs.

He was full of rage. When he thought about Catherine’s appearance upon seeing her at the island today, the jealousy in his heart had almost destroyed him. However, he could only endure it and put on the appearance of a modest gentleman. Now that he did not have to hide his true colors anymore, he let it all out.

After it was over, Regina was curled up on the other side of the bed like a deflated balloon. Tonight, Wesley was as terrible as he had been on his wedding night. She felt like she was merely a tool for him to vent on.

However, when she saw the man lean against the headboard smoking, his charming figure made her breathing hitch.

“Wesley…” She acted coquettishly and snuggled up to him.

Wesley did not push her away and looked down at her. “Move out tomorrow and get someone to clean this place. Catherine will be moving here in two days.”

“Okay.” Regina was a little smug. She did not expect that Wesley would let Catherine live in this villa.

For the past month, she had been making love with Wesley here every day.

‘Hah, in the end, the great Catherine Jones will be sleeping with the man I slept with and in the bed I slept in.’ In a five-star hotel.

Liam woke up dizzy with a hangover and remembered that he had been drinking at a bar last night. Who sent him here?

Just as he was about to take out his phone, the door to his room was violently kicked open.

Chance barged in with two people. “Second Young Master, the eldest young master wants to see you.”

Liam looked at their stance and his handsome face darkened. He sneered, “If I go, will I be able to come back in one piece?”

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