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In Love Never Say Never

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1850

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1850

At that moment, he wanted to die by my hand, but I couldn’t allow it to happen while Ashton was still in the organization.

As long as the organization wasn’t destroyed, someone else would just replace Nathaniel in the event of his death. Consequently, Ashton, as an undercover agent, and I, as Nathaniel’s killer, would still be in danger.

Gritting my teeth, I desperately suppressed my urge to kill him. A long while passed before I finally released him and fell back onto the sofa.

“Are you reluctant to let me die?” Nathaniel coughed for quite a bit before he caught his breath. Reading my thoughts, he smiled wryly, “I’m surprised you couldn’t bring yourself to kill me.”

That wasn’t it. My true goal was to make sure I eradicate him completely from my world.

But, I wasn’t going to tell him that.

Lowering my head, I allowed his imagination to run wild.

Sometimes, it was one’s expectation that would end up killing one.

After a long while, Nathaniel finally regained his composure. He then took out a piece of folded paper from his pocket and handed it to me.

Shooting a glance at it, I refused to take it, as I was wary that it was one of his tricks.

Sensing my apprehension, Nathaniel nudged the paper toward me. “Nick left this.”

When he noticed how doubtful I was, he explained, “It’s up to you whether you want to believe me or not. I have killed so many people that there’s no reason why I would not admit to one more. However, I really had nothing to do with Nick’s death.”

After he finished, he locked eyes with me before placing the piece of paper on the table. Then, he turned around and left the room.

It wasn’t until his figure had disappeared from my sight that I heaved a sigh of relief. When I finally calmed down, I endured the burning sensation in my nose and picked up the paper.

The moment I recognized Nick’s handwriting, I sobbed uncontrollably.

Nick: I’m going to be with my wife, as I have caused her to wait for too long in this life. I hope our next life together will be better.

Despite how short the message was, it was filled with guilt and longing.

I could imagine how happy they were over the last few years. If not for the accident, they would have lived a long and blissful life by each other’s side.

Only in tragedy did their love turn into a story worthy to be told. At that moment, I had wished that I wouldn’t have heard their story at all. At the very least, it meant that they would still be happily alive.

Nevertheless, the suicide note in my hand reminded me that both of them had left this world.

I consoled myself with the thought that there would be no one to break them up wherever they were.

It took me a long while before I could pull myself out of my sorrow. After washing my face, I kept the note in my cabinet before getting changed.

Standing in front of the mirror, I knew that it was time.

I took out my phone and called the only number on the contact list.

Soon, Nathaniel’s voice rang out. “And here I was, thinking that you would never call this number.”

It was obviously a sarcastic statement. After all, that was the only number inside the phone when he gave it to me.

“Where are you?” Not in the mood for jokes, I spoke candidly, “I have made my decision. I want to be the official Mrs. Hall.”

After a brief silence, he asked in an uncertain tone, “Are you sure?”

“That’s what I feel like now. Who knows I might change my mind anytime,” I replied in an arbitrary manner. “Regardless of what it is, I feel like I need to understand you better. If you’re still keen, come back and pick me up.”

“Of course, I’m still keen.” Nathaniel hesitated for a while before adding, “Unfortunately, I can’t come today as a group of important people want to see me personally. Hence, I’ll be out of the country over the next seven days.”

“Don’t you think this a good opportunity to introduce me?” I laid out my bait. “Of course, if you’re confident that I won’t change my mind in seven days, you can go right ahead.”

With that, I ended the call before Nathaniel could even answer.

After that, I sent a message to Benson’s men: It’s time, please lock on to my location.

The moment I sent the message out, I received Nathaniel’s reply: Get yourself changed and wait for me at home.

Having read the text calmly, I walked around the house that used to belong to Ashton and me. Then, I sat patiently in the living room and waited.

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