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In Love Never Say Never

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1839

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1839


“You were the one who chose this,” Nathaniel replied calmly. “When I took you in, I told you that I would take your life if you betrayed me.”

Unwavering, Ramona raised her gun higher. From the look she gave me, I would see the tears glistening in her eyes. “I didn’t forget that you saved my life. And that is the reason why I’m willing to sacrifice everything to prevent you from destroying your future.”

“You should mind your own business.” Nathaniel’s tone firmed and sounded just like the time he humiliated Ashton, cold and devoid of emotion. “Ramona, my patience is wearing thin.”

Breaking into a smirk, Ramona laughed wryly. Despite the fact that she was crying, she desperately tried to maintain her laughter. “Ha, haha. Finally, you are going to abandon me. I might as well annihilate this threat for you!”

Just as she spoke, Ramona pulled the trigger with a chiseled finger.


A bullet flew out but not from Ramona’s gun.

It was Nathaniel who fired the shot.

He had killed a woman that was willing to give up her life to eliminate a threat to him.

Just as the gunshot rang out, Ramona collapsed onto the ground. Her eyes refused to shut and stared blankly in despair, unwilling to believe that he had shot her.

With that, a deathly silence descended upon the living hall.

At that moment, I could feel a chill extending through my limbs. Looking at Ramona’s corpse, I was struck by how fragile life was again and hugged myself in reflex.

Without a doubt, that was Nathaniel’s true face.

Regardless of whether one was family or had his best interest at heart, everyone was an expendable tool for him as long as he didn’t care.

After a long while, Nathaniel let out a devilish smile before kneeling down and closing Ramona’s eyes for her.

Standing back up, he looked down at me and commented with an icy tone, “Ashton has never changed while you never planned to love me, am I right?”

Sitting on the sofa in silence, I didn’t answer. Instead, I hugged myself tighter.

As long as I stayed by his side, I would always be surrounded by death. Unable to shake the sensation away, I began to feel suffocated by it.

“Scarlett, will you only give me a second look when I die?” Nathaniel mumbled inaudibly to himself.

“No,” I replied, trembling.

After pondering a moment, he let out a sarcastic grin. “For a moment just now, I was struck by a thought. I wondered if you meant that as long as I’m willing to change, you would spare a thought for me. But the very next second, I realized that you wouldn’t do so due to your hatred for me. Even if I were to die right in front of you now, you wouldn’t even bat an eyelid.”

It was a pointless question since he already knew the answer.

Pursing my lips, I couldn’t help but worry about Ashton’s situation.

With Ramona dead and my intentions exposed, I was trapped between a rock and a hard place.

I felt as if we were standing by a cliff where a gentle push from Nathaniel would send me hurtling down.

Ever since the beginning, Nathaniel knew how strong my feelings for Ashton were. It was just that he thought he was superior to Ashton and could change me. He also assumed he could change how love or even the world worked. Unfortunately, it was nothing but a fool’s fantasy.

Ramona’s death didn’t just come as a massive shock to me, it also caused Nathaniel to realize that by continuing this game, he would end up losing everything he had.

Nevertheless, Nathaniel didn’t do anything further after that. Instead, he reholstered his gun, carried Ramona up and left.

Watching their miserable silhouettes, I could feel my desire to destroy Nathaniel burning stronger than ever. After all, it no longer felt as if it was out of reach.

Given how close I was to my goal, it would be a shame to give up now.

However, Nathaniel’s tendency to gamble would cause him to bet everything he had even if he would meet a miserable end.

As Ashton’s actions became clearer by the day, the final showdown seemed to be approaching. If Nathaniel backed out right now, he might still have the chance to save his own skin.

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