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In Love Never Say Never

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1830

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1830

A Suicide Attack

“But why?” Rose was clearly stumped by my sudden estrangement. Nonetheless, she was the wife of the general manager of Cruise Corporation, so she had the ability to read between the lines. In no time, she nodded in acknowledgment. “I got it. Don’t worry, Scarlett. Nick and I will remember to do as you said.”

No sooner had she finished speaking than the elevator came to a stop. Rose insisted on seeing me out.

When we arrived at the entrance, a boy of about Audrey’s height blocked our path with a toy gun in his hand.

The boy was all smiles and appeared exceedingly cheerful. He seemingly knew me, but he mistook Rose for me. Looking up at Rose with a silly smile on his face, he inquired, “Are you Ms. Scarlett?”

Rose chuckled the moment she heard that and self-deprecatingly remarked, “Nick often tells me that I used to look just like your biological sister, Letty.”

As she said that, she crouched. Pinching the boy’s arm, she asked, “Why are you looking for Ms. Scarlett, sweetie? Why don’t you tell me?”

“Are you Ms. Scarlett?” The boy was still smiling, but the toy gun in his hand was so realistic that it transported me back to the scene on the cruise ship the day before. I remembered that Garrett’s subordinate’s gun was of the same model.

Rose was tickled pink by his stubbornness. “Haha, just tell me what it is. When I hear it, Ms. Scarlett will also know about it!”

“Then, you must be Ms. Scarlett,” the boy affirmed in emphatic tones this time.

“All right, stop teasing him,” I urged since I was in a hurry to leave.

Only then did Rose shrug and decide to tell him the truth. “Okay, then. Actually, sweetie, you got the wrong… person-”


Before she had finished speaking, the sound of a gunshot broke the silence at the mall entrance in the blink of an eye.

I could only look on helplessly as blood splattered onto the ground a near distance from where Rose was crouching.

Subsequently, the second and third gunshots rang out.

The bullets pierced Rose’s body and whizzed past my cheek, spattering my face with her blood.

It was as though there was a drizzle, and the raindrops were her fading life.

In truth, the gun in the boy’s hand was no toy gun but a real gun.

I couldn’t believe all that had happened for real. The lively and kind girl had just obtained true love for a few years, but she was lying in a pool of blood at that very moment.

Meanwhile, the boy who looked to be merely six or seven years old laughed maniacally with her blood on his face. Aiming his gun at Rose, who had gone entirely still, he pulled the trigger once more.

My legs felt as though they were weighed down with a heavy boulder, giving me no way out of that horrific and bloody scene.

Is this God’s punishment upon me, wanting me to see every gunshot hitting Rose so clearly? No, I must be dreaming!

A child with an angelic smile had turned into the devil right then, taking such a youthful and pure life away.

Rose seemed to have finally felt the pain. Her chest heaved, and blood gushed out of her mouth. I could seemingly hear her moaning in a sob-filled voice, “It hurts, Scarlett. Will you please help Nick?”

Even at the end of her life, she was still sacrificing herself for the man she loved the most.

In the end, she no longer moved.

Like a bloody rose blooming, blood spread around her ceaselessly.

“Rose! Ahh!”

The crowd descended into a panic, all rushing to hide. Conversely, I stood frozen at the spot, shrieking until I lost my voice.

The boy was seemingly encouraged to hear my scream, for his laughter grew all the more joyous. He grinned widely and stared at me for three seconds before pointing the gun at himself with both hands. In the next instant, he pulled the trigger without hesitation.

Blood spurted, and the boy collapsed onto the ground.

In less than a minute, two lives were gone, one after another. Even the air was saturated with the cloying stench of blood.

I thought a suicide attack would only happen in television series. That realistic feeling felt as though someone had a hand around my throat, strangling me to the point that I was going to suffocate.

Before I could even snap out of that nightmarish incident, several hands suddenly grabbed me from behind. They covered my nose and mouth. Restraining me, they carried me right down the steps at the mall entrance and tossed me into a van.

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