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In Love Never Say Never

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1824

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1824

Suspicions And Interrogations

Desmond, who had seemed calm the day before, could no longer contain himself this time. He held onto the armrest of his chair with one hand and pointed his finger at everyone with the other. “Money and goods are trivial matters. But more importantly, the police are now keeping an eye on Theodore and me. Something’s definitely up!”

“Exactly!” Theodore glanced at the people at the table before he slammed the table and uttered coldly, “Our decades of hiding are in vain. We cannot let this matter slide. We must get to the bottom of it. Otherwise, don’t even think about leaving today!”

As befitting his status as one of the elders, the aura he exuded was extremely imposing, and not even Nathaniel dared to speak up at once.

Teddy, as the most tactful person in the group, merely spoke out gingerly to calm him down. “Let’s all calm down. Business is all about earning money harmoniously, so Mr. Warner and Mr. Henley’s issues are ours as well. The company will definitely give you both a proper explanation.”

At that moment, Theodore was still fuming, so he merely rolled his eyes and ignored the other man, whom he thought was a subordinate who only knew how to win over his superiors through flattery.

Meanwhile, Vincent did not plan on letting the matter slide, so he shifted the blame to Nathaniel in the name of upholding justice for Desmond and Theodore. “It’s obvious to me that someone wants to have sole control over the company and thinks that the elders are in the way. So, he’s taking advantage of this matter to kick us out!”

However, it was clear that he had not discussed this with the other two men, as they were both fidgeting uneasily in their seats.

Noticing that Vincent was still staring intently at Nathaniel, Desmond cleared his throat, intending to remind the former not to act recklessly.

However, Vincent misunderstood it as cowardice, so he taunted once more, “That’s enough, Desmond. Stop coughing. Do you think that I’m unaware of your thoughts? Aren’t you just afraid of Nathaniel? Let me tell you this. I’m going to expose him today. I don’t believe that he could have the whole group under his thumb. We should stand up against him and see if he can still maintain his position as chairman!”

Even I thought that he was looking for trouble. Having seen that they could not stop Vincent, they could only keep silent as an agreement that they were on his side.

I watched everything unfold with a sneer. Looks like I’m very lucky to be able to witness the dog-eat-dog scene within this seemingly impregnable group so soon.

Nathaniel strongly believed that only the fittest could survive. Therefore, the trust between people, to him, was like fragile paper that could be easily torn apart.

Despite Vincent’s continuous interrogations, Nathaniel merely took a sip of his coffee as though he had not heard anything and that the former’s words meant nothing to him.

Seeing this, Vincent felt humiliated. He then glared at him and scolded, “What’s the meaning of this, Nathaniel Hall?”

After another short silence, Nathaniel smacked his lips and put his coffee down. He then raised his head to look at everyone present before saying calmly, “I don’t mean anything, Mr. Chadwick. Everything you’ve said so far makes sense, and I was listening attentively. However…”

As his voice trailed off, he shifted his gaze toward Ashton and smirked as his eyes brimmed with menace. “Mr. Chadwick, it’s all right to be suspicious of me, but shouldn’t you also consider our new formidable leader, Ashton?”

He managed to shift the blame to Ashton with just a few words.

Indeed, rather than suspecting that Nathaniel intended to clear out his subordinates, Ashton seemed more suspicious as a new member who had risen to power within a short time.

There were only two possibilities to explain Ashton’s remarkable achievement. Either he was an undercover agent working for the police, or he was a born leader. However, the former was usually the reason in most similar cases.

In no time, everyone began to stare at Ashton with an intrigued look, and I could not help but feel nervous for him.

“Is there anything you wish to say, Ashton?” Desmond asked.

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