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In Love Never Say Never

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1822

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1822

Spare Key

After returning home, I ran into the bedroom and locked the door when Nathaniel was not looking.

Knock! Knock!

“Open the door, Scarlett.”

Nathaniel came over not long after and knocked on the door several times.

“I won’t.” I leaned against the door, refusing to sleep on the same bed with him no matter what. “You have yourself to blame for leading me to see Ramona and Ashton. I don’t feel good, so I won’t let you get away with this. Go and sleep in the study!”

“You’re one smart girl,” he said softly with a slight tease in his tone.

It’s not because I’m smart, but his horrible acting betrayed him. While pretending to bring up Ramona, he led me to a position where I could clearly see the foot of the mountain. His motives were simply too obvious.

However, he came up with another argument in no time. “It’s true that I didn’t make it up out of nothing. They are indeed very close. If this wasn’t the case, you wouldn’t have witnessed it despite my schemes. Isn’t that so?”

Refusing to listen to his twisted logic, I retorted, “But I have the right to choose, and I can choose not to look. You need not worry about making decisions for me. That’s it. Our conversation ends here. I don’t wish to argue with you. I’m going to bed, and I wish you a sleepless night!”

I took off my shoes and jumped onto the bed before burying myself at the spot where Ashton had slept the night before. Then I turned over to stare at the ceiling.

I should be able to sleep soundly in our room tonight while smelling his distinct scent.

At the thought of Ashton, I could not help but wonder about his intention to approach Ramona.

From what I saw today, it’s not hard to tell that Ramona isn’t a conservative person. In some aspects, she may indeed get along very well with Ashton. He managed to reach his current position in such a short time, and there’s hardly any room for advancement. In order to further divide Nathaniel’s criminal group, he must win over his opponents. The attitudes of those senior members toward Ashton are apparent. However, as they’re old, I bet they won’t be of much help. The key person is still Ramona. Getting her onto his side might be the crucial factor in breaking down the organization. She doesn’t seem to care much about love, so I wonder what he would do to move her.

I drifted off to sleep while still pondering over the matter.

While I was half asleep, I had the feeling of being engulfed in a warm embrace.

Thinking that Ashton had entered my dream, I did not reject it. Instead, I relaxed and let down my guard.

However, when I opened my eyes the next day, I was startled to find Nathaniel sleeping beside me. I jumped out of bed immediately and stood at the side barefooted.

Although he was awoken by the noise, he took his time to sit up, stretch his limbs, and lean against the bed frame. “Morning. Are you refusing to acknowledge this after waking up?”

I took one look at his expression and instantly boiled with rage, knowing that he was up to no good. “I was sure that I had locked the door. Why are you here?”

“There’s an item in this world called the key. I’m not stupid as to not know how to use it. Besides, the spare key was in the study, and you even told me to go there. So, it’s not my fault.” Nathaniel gave me an innocent look, spreading out his hands as though he was speaking the truth.

“You dirty sc*mbag!” I rolled my eyes at him in disgust before fleeing into the bathroom and locking myself in it.

As soon as I closed the door, I rushed to the basin and splashed water on my face to try to calm down. After that, I stared blankly at my reflection in the mirror.

I hope I didn’t do anything I shouldn’t have done last night.

Knock! Knock! Nathaniel leaned against the bathroom door as he teased, “I didn’t see you acting shy when you were curling into my arms last night.”

“Get lost!” I bellowed.

He let out a few chuckles before his voice slowly faded into the distance.

Unwilling to bump into him downstairs, I loitered there for some time before heading down slowly.

When I reached the stairs, I even scanned the living room to make sure he was not there before heading to the kitchen in search of food.

However, I immediately caught sight of him checking his phone at the dining table as soon as I turned.

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