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In Love Never Say Never

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1821

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1821

Despicable Man


My face was flushed red by the time our yelling had stopped.

See? I’m wasting my breath trying to advise an incorrigible man.

For a moment, our breaths were erratic as we stared at each other, becoming archenemies once again.


A loud noise sounded in the sky. I instinctively turned and watched as the dazzling fireworks exploded at the highest point, transforming into colorful flowers for a brief moment before disappearing completely.

One after another they came as the sky became a stage for the display with no signs of stopping.

They reminded me of the festive season in J City. With no explicit orders to ban fireworks, they could be spotted in the sky at any point throughout the night of new year’s eve, illuminating the entire city as a symbol of welcoming the new year.

Ashton was still with me at that time. Summer was also very clingy, and the Fullers had not met with any mishap. The family I had then is the only family I know.

Those were beautiful memories. However, alongside the flow of time came sadness that raged like a torrent. The brilliance of the fireworks only served to amplify the desolation in my heart, and the cause of it all was Nathaniel.

I gritted my teeth as my hands curled into fists. The smile that I had on my face due to those memories gradually turned into a scowl of resentment.

However, Nathaniel thought that I was engrossed in the fireworks. He came forward and hugged me from behind. “I may not know what love is, Scarlett, but I know for sure that at this moment, I am reluctant to leave you. Although I don’t believe that relationships can last a lifetime, I swear that my feelings for you are like these fireworks. Even if they’re short-lived, they’re still intense and passionate.”

I flared my nostrils as I said in a cynical tone, “There’s no need for the sweet talk. What you’re trying to say is that you’re currently interested in me, so you’ll do anything to make me stay. Once you’ve lost interest, you hope that I’ll learn from the fireworks and vanish from your sight.”

Nathaniel chuckled. “Maybe.”

As he said that, he released me and led me toward the guardrails. “Stand closer so you can get a clearer look.”

However, as we drew closer, we could clearly see the situation on the viewing platform directly below us. The sight rendered us silent instantly.

Under the warm light of the pavilion on the viewing platform stood a man and a woman.

It was not hard to tell from their silhouettes that they were Ashton and Ramona.

From afar, they looked like a perfect couple.

The two failed to notice us, as they were also looking at the fireworks.

“Ashton and Ramona are both outstanding within this industry. I think they’ll achieve great things if they’re together,” whispered Nathaniel.

Upon hearing that, I turned my face away and glared at him with narrowed eyes. Just say it straightforwardly that you wish to frame them on the pretext of having an affair. Don’t beat around the bush.

However, I still feigned ignorance. “What do you mean?”

Nathaniel looked down to meet my eyes, his lips curling upward as though he was gloating at the situation. “Just the literal meaning. The old me would have also chosen a woman who is evenly matched to be my other half. Would you take a guess as to whether Ramona would be Ashton’s choice?”

I smirked as I walked up to him and said through gritted teeth, “Nathaniel, you’re truly a despicable man.”

Right after saying that, I reached out and shoved him hard, causing him to stagger back a few steps.

He grabbed hold of the guardrail and proudly answered as soon as he steadied his stance, “Thank you. I have always been a despicable man.”

“Indeed. A gentleman would never defame his opponent to advance his agenda.”

With that said, I removed the jacket and threw it at him before making my way down the mountain using the same route we came.

Nathaniel followed closely behind me while still adding fuel to the fire. “No matter where you go, whatever that happened is already the reality. Hiding won’t change anything.”

“Says who? Tell them to stay there forever. If I don’t return and can’t see it, then I’ll reckon it never happened!” I exclaimed as I quickened my pace.

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