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In Love Never Say Never

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1820

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1820


“Get lost!” At Nathaniel’s bellow, Teddy hurriedly gathered his things and left without making a sound.

Only when he had left did Nathaniel turn to look at me. “Are you all right?”

I shrugged to indicate that it was not a big deal, but that did not stop me from roasting him. “He does look like a teddy bear dog.”

It was originally said as a joke to liven up the atmosphere. However, several senior members seemed to take offense at it, as they left the room one after another the moment those words left my lips. I raised my brows in self-mockery. “They don’t seem to like me very much.”

Nathaniel’s lips curved upward slightly. “They don’t have to. It’s enough that I like you.”

“Speak properly, will you? That’s cheesy.” I ducked to avoid his face as he drew closer.

Nathaniel seemed to be in a good mood as he let it slide. He got up and led me out through a different door to a viewing platform at a high point of the villa.

The winter night of K City had always been chilly, especially on that night, as there were signs of incoming snow. Feeling the strong breeze on the mountain top, I instinctively wrapped my arms around myself as I stomped my feet to keep warm.

Nathaniel was still quite gentlemanly, seeing as he immediately draped his jacket over me.

I stood still when my body was finally warmed up. Then I began to survey the surroundings.

We seemed to be standing on the highest point of the viewing platform. Looking down, I noticed that other than the brightly lit villa in the distance and the dim lights of the viewing platform on the mountainside, the rest of the surroundings were pitch black.

While blowing warm air onto my hands, I asked, “What are you up to?”

For some reason, Nathaniel let out a chuckle as he walked over to a wooden bench at the side and sat down. While still maintaining his silence, he tilted his head to look at the sky with a blissful expression.

It’s already late. Did he bring me here to have a heart-to-heart chat? He’s pretty good at making my life difficult, isn’t he? But of course I’ll willingly go along with it if it were Ashton.

To avoid making him think that I was easy-going, I stubbornly stood at the side, fidgeting as I waited for him to grow weary of me and leave.

“What do you think of Ramona?” Nathaniel asked abruptly.

As I expected. He really knows the perfect place to talk. I petulantly replied, “Pretty. Can’t afford to offend her.”

He smiled. “You’re my woman, and she’s merely a subordinate. It is she who cannot afford to offend you.”

“What are you trying to say? Are you telling me that I can bully whoever I want, and you’ll back me up?” I said with a grin.

And become a heartless and vicious evildoer who is scorned by the whole world, just like him.

I did not say the last sentence out loud, of course. After all, it would be exhausting to argue at a place like this.

Nathaniel admitted without hesitation, “I suppose you can put it that way. You wouldn’t want to be the person that is always being bullied, would you? In a world where only the fittest survive, you have to let others fear you to protect yourself.”

“That’s pure sophistry,” I spat, unable to bear his words any longer.

“You always think that I’m wrong, but you never tell me what you think is right, and you refuse to communicate with me,” he complained, sounding like a grumpy old lady.

I could not deny that he was good at reasoning, but I had no excuse to avoid it, so I argued back, “Your perception is fundamentally wrong. The cruelty that you speak of only exists in the uncivilized world. There is harmony and warmth in the world we’re living in now. Of course, provided that there aren’t any troublemakers like you. You don’t have to bully others to protect yourself. As long as you protect yourself without hurting anyone, you can still live a good life.”

“Do you think what you said will come true? So many people all over the world have died of various man-made causes. Even when they’ve done absolutely nothing, they still end up dead. This is the consequence of only knowing not to hurt others.” Nathaniel narrowed his eyes with an unusually contemptuous look.

To him, the lives of those people were meaningless.

“Those were accidents, and it only happened to one out of millions of people. It’s because of people like you who don’t follow the rules and do whatever you like that such incidents happen. You’re one of those culprits. I don’t understand how you can sound so righteous!”

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