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In Love Never Say Never

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1805

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1805

Admit To It

Before I could react, something seemed to occur to Nathaniel. He whipped his head around to look at me and squeezed my cheeks, forcing me to open my mouth.

At the sight of the blood on my tongue, he bristled. “I knew it! You tried to end yourself!”

I belatedly recalled the gunshot on my left shoulder. It happened when he forced me into a corner.

The ugly scar reminded him that the woman he was infatuated with would take her own life if she were forced into a corner.

I was inwardly pleased. After all, I could use my life to threaten him.

Nathaniel knew why I had a smile hanging on my lips, but his hands were tied. In the end, he released his grip on me and stood up. Walking away, he buttoned his shirt again.

I coughed and regained my composure. “Are you finally admitting that you can’t bring yourself to harm me?” I didn’t forget to tease him.

“Perhaps you’re right. But from today onward, you’ll have to stay here.” Nathaniel was cool and collected as usual.

“Why? Trying the familiarity breeds fondness trick?” I retorted.

After fastening the last button, Nathaniel turned to shoot me an exasperated look. In the end, he chose not to say anything. Picking up the suit jacket on the ground, he strode upstairs.

I made sure his footsteps had faded away before my smile slipped. Scrambling to my feet, I studied the house closely.

The house was minimalistic and simple. There was a sofa, a ceiling light above it, a coffee table, and a dining table about half a meter long. The open kitchen had a grey and white color scheme. It seemed like there were only the both of us here.

Is this Nathaniel’s den? Hmm, it doesn’t look like it.

After a brief tour of the first floor, I didn’t find anything suspicious. As Nathaniel wasn’t going to force me into submission, I plucked up my courage and headed to the second floor.

There were three rooms on the second floor. The door of the room right next to the stairs was slightly ajar. I tiptoed over carefully and pushed the door open.

Once inside, I realized Nathaniel was taking a shower. His clothes were draped over the sofa. There was another door leading to his bedroom. The most intimate space would be one’s bedroom. Perhaps there was evidence of his crime inside.

I turned at my shoulder and confirmed the water was still running in the bathroom before dashing in cautiously.

The interior was emptier than I had expected. Besides the bed and the light hanging on the ceiling, the view was unobstructed. I knew I wouldn’t get anything here.

“You’d rather die than be coerced into submission earlier, and now you’re offering yourself. Don’t tell me you’re trying to play hard to get.” Nathaniel’s voice boomed out, snapping me out of my reverie. I had no idea when he stepped out of the bathroom.

Feeling guilty, I turned on my heels to the sight of Nathaniel with only a bath towel around his waist. His upper torso was exposed, so I instinctively cowered back.

Without giving me a chance to react, Nathaniel gazed at me for two short seconds before coming over to sweep me off my feet. He then strode into the bedroom with me in his arms.

Coming to a stop beside the bed, he pulled the covers open and tossed me into the bed.

I had just gotten to my feet when Nathaniel joined me in bed. He flung his arm around me, and we fell back into bed together. With one arm pinning me down, he pulled the covers up.

Before I could struggle out of his reach, Nathaniel pinned me down with his weight and warned, “I won’t touch you, but you need to give me something to look forward to. Be a good girl.” He was right. I had to give him something so all hell would break loose.

The fish had taken the bait, so I’d be a fool to not reel it in. Tamping down my hatred, I lay beside him obediently.

Eventually, his breathing steadied, and he dozed off.

Someone as sharp as Nathaniel wouldn’t fall into a deep sleep. A tiny move might jolt him up. As I had provoked him countless times today, it wouldn’t be a great idea to continue provoking him. I couldn’t risk it.

I stayed up the entire night. When dawn broke, I sensed Nathaniel waking up and immediately shut my eyes to pretend to be asleep.

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