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In Love Never Say Never

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1803

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1803

Splashed All Over The Tabloid

After alighting from the car, Nathaniel’s gentlemanly side disappeared. He dragged me into the house and chucked me onto the sofa unceremoniously.

“Ouch!” I hissed in pain. On the way here, I had regained my senses and was extra sensitive to pain now. Frowning, I held my arm that was tingling in pain from the harsh drop.

Seeing my reaction, Nathaniel furrowed his brows. It seemed like he was on the verge of exploding in anger.

I sat up and returned his glare so he’d know I was still the prickly hedgehog who wouldn’t cower in fear even if he treated me rudely.

After a brief stalemate, Nathaniel suddenly picked up a stack of magazines nearby and hurled them in my direction.

The sheets fluttered in the wind and landed all around me in a harmless manner.

I looked down and saw the cover page instantly. The photo displayed the scene of me breaking into Rebecca’s house, where the four of us exchanged awkward looks. It was an extremely embarrassing photo.

The paparazzi gave it an eye-catching headline—A foursome in the upper-class society – how would you fare?

I smirked at the sight of that. The paparazzi sure were efficient enough to publish the article in such a short time.

“I can’t believe that you can still smile,” came Nathaniel’s icy sneer.

I gathered my thoughts before picking up a magazine. Gazing at the clearest photo available, I joked, “I look nice here.”

“The article sure is interesting,” Nathaniel added.

Though he was being sarcastic, I didn’t get upset. Calmly, I flipped the magazine open and read it aloud. “The millionaire and his current lover were enjoying a threesome. His ex caught them in the act. To get him back, she joined them willingly. I’m impressed…”

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud upon imagining the newscaster reporting this in a ridiculous accent. It was beyond me why Nathaniel got upset. I cleared my throat as my smile faded away. Putting on a serious front, I said, “Indeed, if I were the owner, I’d increase the pay of the ones who took the photos and wrote the article…”

Before I could finish, Nathaniel gripped my chin and lifted me into the air.

“Do I look like I’m joking?” He arched a brow frostily. “You’re going all out for Ashton, huh?”

Oh, so that was why he got upset. Everyone thinks I’ve l discarded my dignity because of Ashton, and he’s upset because of that.

I took his hand that was gripping my chin so I could at least breathe. “You know me well. I can even disown John, so I don’t give a f*ck,” I argued.

Nathaniel’s lips curled upwards, but his eyes remained arctic and vicious, just like the day where he shot Tom continuously. “I had no idea you were a b*tch. Do you know that whenever you are with Ashton, your gaze and your actions resemble a dog begging for a pat on the back?”

“So what if I’m a dog?!” I shut my eyes and cried. With that said, my eyes snapped open as I glared at him savagely. Grinding my teeth, I declared, “Even if I’m a b*tch, that has nothing to do with you! You have no right to question me, for we are not related at all!”

Nathaniel froze as his grip went slack for a few seconds. Fury contorted his expression as he exerted force on my chin once more. “Scarlett, don’t be ungrateful!”

“The same goes for you.” I swallowed a mouthful of blood so my parched throat would get some relief. “You’re no better than me.”

“Don’t compare the both of us,” came Nathaniel’s reply as his expression turned frosty. However, the glint in his gaze remained.

“What is the difference? I won’t give up on Ashton, and you’re attracted to me. Yes, I’m a b*tch for becoming his plaything, but at least I am honest. You, on the other hand, don’t even dare to admit your feelings. You hide in a corner like a disgusting rat and spy on my life, just like how you spied on Ashton back then!” I sneered, my fear for him long forgotten.

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