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In Love Never Say Never

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1797

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1797

Sense Of Security

“It’s fine. I need to attend to something nearby, so I’m not heading back home yet. Thank you, Ms. Schmidt,” I thanked her gratefully.

“You’re welcome.” Freja looked down and shut the door. She then ordered the chauffeur to leave.

Soon, the car sped off.

I watched as the car disappeared from sight and heaved a long sigh of relief. Finally, I could take a breather alone.

It was peak hour, and I didn’t want to be stuck in a jam for hours. That would be too agonizing. After calming down, I walked into the commercial district slowly.

When I walked past a café, the aroma of coffee caught my attention. Thus, I went in and sat down at a table before ordering a hot Americano with half a spoonful of sugar.

Ashton was the only person who loved drinking an Americano without adding any sugar.

I pondered for a while before dialing Jackson’s number.

His phone rang for several seconds before he answered. “Scar? How are you?” His familiar voice drifted through the call.

“I’m all right. Were you still up at this hour?” I was merely trying my luck, so it was surprising when the call got connected.

“I’m in the middle of a war,” came Jackson’s answer.

“What?” I was confused, for there didn’t seem to be any military operations in M Country recently.

“Well, it’s nothing serious. What about you? Why did you call me?” As usual, Jackson knew me well.

Friends like us would fight when we were in the same city, but now that we were on different continents, he still remembered every bit of detail about me.

I lowered my head and chuckled. Going straight to the point, I asked, “You major in psychology, right? I have a question. If a man is in love with a woman but ignores and avoids communicating with her, what the hell is he thinking?”

“Are you talking about Ashton?” Jackson responded. “The media in M Country has reported about him and Rebecca. That was really bad.”

“Yes, it’s quite troublesome, but I’m not talking about him.” I scratched my head and flashed a helpless smile. “This is about a friend. I’m asking it on behalf of a friend.”

It wasn’t nice to play with someone else’s feelings. Jackson was innocent, so I didn’t want to air my dirty deeds before him.

“Right, your friend…” Jackson repeated and sounded like he didn’t believe me fully. “All right. Tell your friend that it’s a prime example of a dismissive-avoidant attachment style. The more he likes someone, the more afraid he is to face that person. It might be his pride coming in the way, for he feels that he isn’t a worthy partner. He might be worried that he’d lose the person after revealing his feelings. To conclude, your friend lacks security and confidence when it comes to relationships.”

He deliberately put emphasis when he mentioned my so-called friend to highlight his sarcasm to tease me like the friend he was.

I ignored his teasing words and mumbled to myself, “Lack of security, huh?”

Nathaniel is as evil as Grim Reaper himself. He looks as though he has a strong heart, but it turns out he lacks confidence?

Comprehension dawned. Yes, that’s right. Everyone is a coward before their loved ones!

“What should I…” I blurted out without thinking much before correcting myself. “I mean, what should my friend do to get to the next step?”

Jackson burst out laughing. It took him a while to calm down and regain his composure before whispering, “Remember, Scar, jealousy is a catalyst in every relationship. If you want it to work out, make sure to utilize that well.”

I nodded in agreement. A moment of silence later, I huffed, “It’s my friend, not me!”

“Don’t be a fool, Scar. You don’t have to explain everything to me as long as you’re the winner,” Jackson joked. It occurred to me that he sounded really mature now.

I fell silent without offering an explanation.

Just then, Lydia’s voice rang out. “Jackson…”

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