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In Love Never Say Never

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1796

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1796

Escaped Death

In reality, Nathaniel had aimed the pistol at Ashton and me before pulling the trigger. The bullet whizzed past the space between us before hitting the cement wall behind us.

Freja wasn’t the only one who had escaped death.

Nathaniel enjoyed the sight of a humiliated Freja before releasing her. He raised his arms in the air as though he were enjoying the sight of his subjects kneeling before him. The arrogance on his face was evident.

After freeing herself, Freja jolted up and tidied her appearance as she retreated a few steps back. At a safe distance away from Nathaniel, her expression turned grim, and she was once again the elegant Freja Schmidt of the Schmidt family.

She didn’t even act this way back at the banquet, where everyone treated people differently according to their status. It seemed like this was the only way to hide her previously disheveled state and wipe away her fear of losing her life.

“Isn’t this great? Being an obedient dog is better than a corpse that won’t bite,” Nathaniel commented, showing her no mercy.

Freja gritted her teeth and stared ahead arrogantly without uttering a word.

She was still the fearless Drogawolf a few minutes ago, so there was no way she’d admit to being a lowly dog who would only beg for scraps.

Though Nathaniel was now in control of Freja, he couldn’t control her arrogance.

Nathaniel couldn’t be bothered about her thoughts and turned his attention to Ashton.

He walked over to Ashton, and they were mere inches away from each other.

“Some things depend on talent. If you can’t do it, don’t force yourself and admit that you’re a loser. Be a man.” Nathaniel was insinuating that Ashton didn’t do that job well.

The dark belonged to Nathaniel. He might’ve allowed Ashton to enter his territory, but there was no way he’d let Ashton become the other beacon in the dark.

Though he was the one who trained Ashton, they had been competing in secret to win over each other. To defeat Ashton, Nathaniel had sold out information about him that resulted in a police raid. As a result, Ashton was wounded.

Today was no different. Back then, Nathaniel’s business had nothing to do with Chanaea, but strangely, he had decided to get a piece of the market. Gaining control of the market would prove that he was the better one among both of them.

For now, Freja was forced to back down, and Nathaniel would get the merit. Ashton was no match for him.

Hearing his provoking words, Ashton didn’t bother putting up an act and returned to his previous snarky self. Turning back to look at me, he sneered, “Hear that? Don’t force yourself.”

Me? Hello? Are we even related?

Having said that, he shook his head and laughed coldly before striding out of the place. I stared at his annoying back in exasperation.

When the elevator doors slid shut, I suddenly remembered that I had hitched a ride here in his car. I parted my lips to stop him, but it was too late.

Left with no choice, I had to go to Nathaniel for help. It was the perfect chance to spend some time with him to win over his irritating heart.

The moment I spun on my heels to butter up to him, I realized he was glaring at me darkly. When our gazes met, he whipped his head around and marched down the stairs.

“Nathaniel!” I called out. “Hey!”

Never mind if Ashton didn’t hear me. I was certain that he heard me, but all he did was to quicken his steps.

What is going on? Am I a plague or something?

“Ms. Stovall, if you don’t mind, I can give you a ride,” Freja offered suddenly.

There was no way I’d head back on my heels. “Thanks.”

However, I quickly regretted my decision. Perhaps Freja was upset after what Nathaniel did to her, for she said nothing on the journey home. An awkward and tensed silence ensued.

I alighted from the car once we entered the city, planning to get my chauffeur to pick me up.

Freja gave me a side glance. “We’re still a distance away from the city center. Are you sure?”

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