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In Love Never Say Never

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1795

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1795

You Can Call The Shots

The smile on Freja’s face froze. “Mr. Fuller, did you forget that we’re in the middle of discussing a business? I’m not your subordinate, so I have my own way of doing things. Why are you making it seem like I’m a middleman? If I want your goods, I would have to relinquish my men and locations?”

After a pause, her expression turned vicious. “Are you planning on taking control of my business, Mr. Fuller?”

Immediately afterward, the sound of guns being loaded penetrated the building. Clearly, Freja’s subordinates had aimed their guns at me. They were prepared to wipe us out anytime.

Ashton and Freja’s gaze met midair. I could almost feel the air crackling between them, charged with tension as it was. My hair stood on end.

I couldn’t help but gulp nervously before studying the situation behind me.

How many men are there behind us? Three? Or four? There’s a blind spot on the left. If they open fire, we should run to the right.

Right then, the old elevator started rumbling as it rolled up. Seconds later, the bodyguard pulled the door open and greeted the man inside. “Mr. Hall.”

Nathaniel then strode out of the elevator and came to us.

After coming to a stop beside the table, he took off his leather gloves slowly.

Freja’s eyes narrowed as she stared at him warily.

When everyone was wondering what Nathaniel would do next, he suddenly reached out and grabbed Freja’s head before slamming her on the table.

Once, twice, thrice…

Freja was disoriented from the sudden attack when Nathaniel whipped out a mini pistol from nowhere and placed it right next to her temple.

His eyes squinted dangerously, and his lips lifted into an icy smirk.

Lowering his body, he inched nearer to Freja’s indignant face and parted his lips to say, “I’ll handle the goods and men. You’ll get a twenty percent share. If you reject my offer, you’ll die today. Make up your mind.”

Freja was initially in control of the entire market in Chanaea. She could pocket ninety percent of the earnings before giving her subordinates a measly share. Now, Nathaniel wanted her subordinates and her locations. He didn’t bother showing her any mercy.

Nathaniel was offering her a twenty percent profit without needing to do anything. As Freja was brave enough to handle the illegal business, she wasn’t at all afraid. She clenched her jaw and glared at him furiously, refusing to cave in.

She’d rather die than let Nathaniel take over the Schmidt family’s business!

However, Nathaniel wasn’t one to give up, too. When Freja assumed he dared not fire the pistol and let out a disdainful snort, he pulled the trigger. Bang! A hole appeared in the table five centimeters away from her. Her brain started ringing.

Nathaniel had made himself clear. Freja could agree to his conditions, and it would be a happy ending for everyone. Otherwise, he’d take her life and spend time wiping out her network before building his own network.

Comprehension dawned, and Freja had to admit he was a hot-tempered and unpredictable man. He could kill her any minute.

Right as she made up her mind, the icy pistol pressed into her temple once again. Nathaniel announced confidently, “This time, I won’t miss my target.”

The sound of him disengaging the safety sounded like Hades’ arrival.

Freja shut her eyes and raised her arms in defeat. “All right! You call the shots!”

Nathaniel chuckled. “The pistol is loaded, so I have to fire it out!”

He then pulled on the trigger swiftly.

Freja held her breath. She couldn’t even bring herself to yell out loud.

However, after a bang sounded, she felt no pain. Opening her eyes, she ran her hands all over her head and made sure she was all right before heaving a sigh of relief.

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