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In Love Never Say Never

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1793

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1793

Meeting Drogawolf

Ashton furrowed his brows and made to unbuckle his seatbelt. I knew he wanted to do this the hard way and pull me out of the car, so I stated, “It will be nine soon. Time doesn’t wait for anyone, so it isn’t easy to start all over again. Are you sure you want to waste time with me here?”

It was obvious that Drogawolf was a ruthless lady. If he wasn’t on time for their first meeting, he might miss the opportunity to establish connections with her.

Ashton shot me an exasperated look and gave up. “Stay in the car when we arrive. Don’t wander around and ruin my plan.”

I shrugged without bothering to reply. We’ll see.

Ashton immediately reversed his car and sped away.

Ten minutes later, the heater kicked in. As the temperature rose, the fragrance of the perfume intensified.

For years, Ashton still loved using the same perfume. I teased, “We’ve separated for a while, but you’re still using the same perfume. Quite the sentimental man, huh?”

Ashton gave me a sideways glance before saying, “Perfume and human beings are different matters.” His tone was insensitive.

Fine. I know you’re trying to avoid suspicion. Shut up. I refuse to listen.

I rolled my eyes and lost interest in teasing him. Silence ensued.

We finally arrived at the destination at nine fifty-five.

Drogawolf’s men had evidently prioritized this meeting, too. Besides arranging men guarding downstairs, there were also six cars parked outside.

“Stay here.” Ashton buttoned his suit, his expression stern. He then pushed the door open and stepped out.

I came to him to provoke Nathaniel. Though I had my own agenda, I didn’t want to land him in trouble. At the sight of the impressive display of force outside, I dispelled the idea of kicking up a fuss inside.

Alas, I had no say over my freedom here.

Less than five minutes after Ashton went upstairs, the bodyguard who was on patrol spotted me and forced me to get out of the car before bringing me to the abandoned building opposite.

On the second floor, I finally saw the woman Holden called Drogawolf.

Indeed, Drogawolf was an attractive lady. As she was around my age, she wasn’t stunningly beautiful anymore.

Drogawolf was clad in a simple white suit, emanating a professional and staid vibe. She was sitting across from Ashton with a pleasant smile playing on her lips. If we weren’t in an abandoned building, this would seem like a normal business meeting.

The bodyguard escorted me in, and Drogawolf’s features became clearer to me. The more I stared at her, the more I found her familiar.

Soon, Ashton realized I had been captured. He rose to his feet and explained, “Ms. Schmidt, she has no idea about our deal. It’s all a misunderstanding.”

Yes, Drogawolf was none other than Freja Schmidt, the youngest CEO of Schmidt Pharmaceuticals.

I was shocked, for the businessperson who developed medicine was involved in an illegal drug deal. Freja’s family had been in the pharmaceutical industry for a long time, and they were influential in the industry. A few years ago, the previous CEO and his wife passed away in an accident, and their daughter, Freja, took over the company. As Freja was influenced by foreign consortiums and business philosophies, she resorted to extreme means to expand Schmidt Pharmaceuticals. Many shareholders were displeased at her actions, but that didn’t stop Schmidt Pharmaceuticals from becoming the top pharmaceutical company in the country.

Everyone needed medicine some time in their life. Freja was the owner of a lucrative business. Even if she closed the business down, the earnings would still be able to support her future generations. I couldn’t help but wonder why she ended up dabbling in illegal businesses.

I had met Freja at a banquet and talked to her briefly. Most wealthy ladies would only gossip about family affairs, so she was a rare presence, sophisticated and funny. I couldn’t relate her to Drogawolf.

Hearing Ashton’s words, Freja didn’t fly into a fit of rage. She came to me politely and greeted, “Ms. Stovall, we’ve met previously.”

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