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In Love Never Say Never

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1780

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1780

A Deal Made

“Something you’re not interested in.” Nathaniel then put down the fork and scooped some soup for me instead. “Drink this. It’ll be good for you.”

Nevertheless, I did not even spare it a glance; I was more interested in finding out what deal he had made with Ashton. “What deal?”

“Are you a parrot?” Nathaniel furrowed his brows as a tinge of anger laced his voice.

I fell silent, and my mood turned foul. A scowl appeared on my face, and I turned away from him, a sign that I did not want to speak with him anymore.

“Have Ashton ever said that you’re a difficult person?” Nathaniel questioned, evidently not used to courting a woman.

Difficult? This is called a sweet burden. I’m under great pressure flirting with you here. Not only are you not expressing gratitude toward my act, but you’re even being picky and questioning my ability to play the role you want?

Thus, I turned my face further from him and ignored him. In other words, I was giving him the cold shoulder.

Once again, the atmosphere in the ward turned tense. Nathaniel put down the fork loudly on the table and warned, “For you not to finish this means that Ashton isn’t a good enough cook. A call from me will make sure that you’ll never see him again.”

Hearing that made my fury spring to life as well. I instantly jerked upright and glared at him. “You’re always using this same old trick. You’ll even betray the ones who are loyal to you. You’re shameless. Do it then! Make the call! Once you make the call, I’ll bite my tongue and kill myself! Do it! Do it right now!”

Nathaniel, who had always been calm and collected, knitted his brows upon hearing that. His narrowed eyes were telling me that I was being ridiculous, but he was too furious to do anything but glare at me in silence.

He was a man born in a prestigious family; he was a drug lord. Both of his identities were high and mighty. No woman would ever try to mess with him. Perhaps he had indeed come across other fussy women but confidently thought he would be able to deal with an ever-changing woman when the time came.

However, the theory was unlike practical. In reality, he was panicking.

It was the same thing as him thinking that he could control Ashton’s life. That was nothing but wishful thinking on his part.

I smiled sweetly at him before leaning closer to give him a once-over. When I saw the traces of panic in his eyes—the panic of a teenager in love—I said, “Let me take a guess. You were the first person I saw when I woke, and that wasn’t because you were eager to do something to me, but because you wanted to see me at all times, right?”

Of course, Nathaniel was not going to admit to it. He gritted his teeth and forced a menacing expression back onto his face. “Don’t bother trying your trickeries on me. For me to be there when you woke was only a sign of how good the doctor was. It was but a coincidence. Did you think that I’m like those foolish men who’d waste an entire day waiting for an unconscious patient to wake?”

Without missing a beat, I asked, “You won’t?”

Nathaniel froze for half a second before replying, “Of course not.”

That half a second was more than enough to tell me what was the truth.

So he really did stay by my side for such a long time. Most importantly, he hasn’t realized that he’s explaining to me. He told me he wouldn’t waste his time on unimportant people and matters. He told me that himself, but now, he’s arguing with me about this. Good. The more lies he utters, the likelier he will do something that he eventually has to cover up.

“Okay. Then I’ve been overthinking this. I thought…” Instead of pressuring him into admitting it, I lowered my head and pretended to be disappointed.

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