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In Love Never Say Never

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1779

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1779

Pretending To Hear Nothing

“I asked you to stop!” John bellowed, scaring all the words I had on the tip of my tongue back down my throat.

Then, in a cautious but firm voice, he said, “Once a spy is exposed, they can’t come back in one piece. I don’t want to see only bits of you the next time I see you. What we have is time. Come back first, and we’ll slowly resolve this matter. Before that happens, no matter what you say to me, I’ll pretend that I heard nothing.”

Rendered speechless for a moment, I then reluctantly agreed, “All right. Sorry to trouble you with taking care of Gregory and Audrey for now.”

“You’re right. It’s troublesome,” John said in a serious tone. “So get back here as quickly as possible and take them back.”

What a soft-hearted person. He’s clearly afraid that it’s too dangerous for me out here, so he’s urging me to go back. I chuckled and nodded. “All right. I’ll come back once I’m done with everything. I won’t even delay for a second.”

“Be careful.”

“I will.” With that said, I ended the call.

The sky outside the window was gloomy. I could not tell what time it was, so I unlocked my phone to look at the time.

It’s twenty minutes to eleven in the morning. I must have slept for an entire day and night. I wonder how things are at Ashton and Joseph’s side. Nathaniel doesn’t want me to die. In other words, I must mean something to him now. That will be my bargaining chip. With that, I won’t be forced to do as he says the next time we meet. It’s not that he can’t love someone, but that he doesn’t want to lose. If I’m dead, he won’t be able to match up to Ashton. He’ll forever be a loser. I can’t die, but I have to make Nathaniel think that I’m not afraid of death. That’ll be the only way I can make him wary of me.

What I had most was time while I was recovering in the hospital. While Nathaniel was not around, I tried to find out the general location of that island.

Unfortunately, when I zoomed into the map, I realized there were tons of islands around the mainland. My memory of the trip alone was not enough for me to figure out which island I was on.

It was then I came to the realization that Nathaniel must have chosen that place as his factory because of that. The news of the nearby islands getting swarmed by police would give them enough time to respond.

Around noon, the door to the ward opened again, and Nathaniel entered with a thermal food jar. It seemed like he was going to plead for forgiveness by acting like a good husband.

There was a total of six dishes, including two kinds of soup and a dessert. It was a sumptuous meal for a patient.

Nathaniel quietly unpacked the food before getting a plate with a fork and putting it in front of me. He then said, “Eat.”

I lowered my head to glance at it before lifting it again. Stubbornly not taking the fork, I said, “I have an injury on my shoulder, and my head is spinning. How am I supposed to eat?”

Hearing that, Nathaniel glimpsed at my forehead before standing up to head out. “I’ll get the nurse.”

However, he halted in his tracks two steps later. After a second of standing transfixed, he turned around and picked up the plate and fork. He then stabbed a piece of broccoli and held it in front of my lips, saying, “Open your mouth.”

I instinctively flinched. After a moment of hesitation, I reluctantly opened my mouth and slowly ate the broccoli.

The moment the broccoli entered my mouth, my tastebuds came alive. I had to admit that the food tasted great.

However, I kept a calm look on my face. As a matter of fact, I even taunted, “You made this? It’s not as good as Ashton’s, but it’s somewhat edible.”

Nathaniel did not respond immediately. After feeding me a piece of meat, he said, “This is made by Ashton.”

I nearly choked on my own saliva.

“I was afraid that you might not eat, so we made a deal, and I got him to make a meal in exchange,” Nathaniel added as he carefully adjusted the angle of the fork. He made it seem like feeding me was something so important that no mistakes could be made.

“What deal?” I asked as I continued chewing. Ashton knows me well. No wonder the food has the right intensity of flavor of my preference.

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