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In Love Never Say Never

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1777

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1777

Another Slap

There was no use crying over spilled milk, but I could not help but glance at the silent Ashton. All of a sudden, a thought popped into my head. The moment Nathaniel closed his eyes, I raised my hand to swing it downward again, leaving a clear palm print on his face.

Finally, Nathaniel was infuriated. He immediately grabbed my neck and hissed, “You’re pushing your luck!”

“Mrs. Fuller!” Joseph tried to rush over to rescue me, but after a loud bang, he collapsed onto his knees.

At some point in time, Nathaniel had fished out a gun and shot Joseph’s calf.

By the time I came back to my senses, the warm muzzle of the gun was already pressed against my forehead.

He won’t pull the trigger. That was what I guessed.

However, at the same time, I realized that Nathaniel’s choices were always different from an ordinary person’s choices. That bullet was something I would not be able to avoid.



Before I could think about what I should do next, Nathaniel swung his gun to the side and shot the other leg of Joseph, who was trying to clamber to his feet again. Blood pooled underneath him, and he could only support himself to a partially upright position with his hands.

Perhaps he was afraid that he would infuriate Nathaniel. Joseph bit down hard on his lip as he shook from the pain, forcing down the whimpers that threatened to escape past his lips. He endured it to the point where even the veins on his temples popped.

Meanwhile, Nathaniel was bloodthirsty. He slowly shifted the gun to point it at Ashton, who was already injured.

I have to stop this.

Before anything else passed through my mind, I fixed my eyes on the gun in Nathaniel’s hand.

In the next second, I grabbed his hand and pulled to make the muzzle point at my left shoulder instead. Then, I pressed down on Nathaniel’s index finger and pulled the trigger.


It was too late for Nathaniel to stop me. The bullet buried itself into my flesh, and it felt like I had fallen on a pit of spikes. The agonizing pain nearly rendered me unconscious.

Forcing the pain to rest at the back of my mind used up all my strength. I could not gain control over my body anymore, and I gradually lost balance and consciousness.

Even though I knew that the bullet had not hit anything vital, I could not help but look toward Ashton longingly as my vision blurred.

He’s looking at me.

Upon registering that, I let go of everything and fell.

The last bit of memory I had before passing out was a tug on my waist.

My eyes rolled in their socket, and I realized that I was alive. Instantly, I opened them.

From the decor of the space around me and the scent of disinfectants in the air, I deduced that I was in the hospital.

I then moved my fingers and pinched my thigh. The pain told me that I was not in a dream—that I was still alive. Soon, the sharp pain on my shoulder sobered me up for good.

I won. What about Ashton?

In a rush to find out the answer to that, I pulled away from the blanket and struggled upright on the bed despite the pain. Just as I stuck on a foot and before I could put it onto the floor, a familiar low voice above my head said, “Are you that eager to die with Ashton?”

Ashton’s dead? No. He must be lying. If he killed Ashton, then he wouldn’t let me alive either.

“Of course.” I lifted my head to glare daggers at him. “I live only for him. If he dies, there’s no meaning for me to keep living. You can save me once, but you won’t be able to be there in time forever. As long as the opportunity comes to me, I’ll definitely follow in Ashton’s footsteps.”

“Do you think I care?” Nathaniel questioned, his voice devoid of emotions. The icy and prideful look on his face made him seem like a grim reaper who just came from hell.

Of course you do, I thought. Otherwise, you wouldn’t do all these to keep me alive. Soon, you will know how terrifying one person’s intense emotions can be.

“I know you don’t care, so…” Halfway through my sentence, my eyes flickered toward the television stand. A second later, I jerked upright and slammed my head at it.

Although I managed to avoid its sharp corner, the force of the collision made the world spin around me. I slumped against the stand and collapsed.

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