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In Love Never Say Never

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1772

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1772

Not The Other Way Round

“Hold on.” The flowery print apron truly did not fit with his style. I awkwardly shrugged my shoulders before changing the topic. “There’s something I don’t think you realize yet, and we have to talk about it. The rule of the game is to make you fall for me and not the other way round, right?”

Nathaniel put down the plate. “That’s right.”

“However, what’s happening now is that you’re trying to blend into my world. Although the chances of me falling for you aren’t high, this is clearly going against our original aim, right? I’m sure you don’t want to waste that much time to get an outcome you don’t want,” I continued.

At that, Nathaniel’s eyes narrowed, seemingly mulling over my words.

The truth was that I was not afraid that he would refute my words. From the moment he decided to start the game despite knowing that it was a trap, Nathaniel had no choice but to go with my flow until the game ended.

I added, “So there’s no need for you to humble yourself to this point—to make breakfast for me so early in the morning. It’ll do nothing but make you tired the whole morning.”

It looked like Nathaniel understood what I meant, for he put his hands on the table and leaned forward. “So what you mean is that I should be opening up to you so that you can find a way into my heart?”

“That’s right,” I answered as I stared at him without blushing. If I did not do that, how was I going to get to know him enough to come up with a plan and send him to jail?

Everyone had their own safe spot in their mind, and once I entered it, I would be able to worm my way into his heart.

However, before that, what I had to break through was the invisible wall between the two of us, who were individuals from different worlds. I had to make myself become someone important to him instead of just a passerby in his life.

Just as those words were out of my mouth, Nathaniel fell silent.

Right then, a youthful voice came from the outside of the kitchen. “Uncle Nathaniel?”

Both Nathaniel and I turned at the same time to see Gregory standing by the stairwell.

He was already dressed in his school uniform. Even if he was still wearing the same soft house slippers as his sister, he was like a boy with a warm personality in that uniform. In fact, he was like a mini version of Ashton.

“Why are you here?” Gregory blinked before taking a few steps closer. “Is Daddy back too? Why didn’t I see him?”

Hearing that, a small smile appeared on Nathaniel’s lips, and he replied, “No. Do you not want to see me, Gregory?”

Gregory meant to ask about his father’s whereabouts, but the moment Nathaniel’s words were out in the air, it became awkward. Thus, Gregory quickly shook his head and explained, “No, no, that’s not it.”

“Good to hear that.” Nathaniel gazed at him for a moment as a mysterious smile grew on his lips. Then, he began untying his apron.

“Are you leaving?” I could not hide the excitement from my voice, but at the same time, I was worried about the earlier unanswered question.

Maybe it’ll be just like yesterday? Does Nathaniel need a day to make up his mind about important decisions?

However, after taking off his apron and putting it on the table, he did not leave. Instead, he lifted his head to look at me and asked, “Do you want to get changed?”

I froze, taken aback by his question. “What for?”

“Didn’t you say that you want to come into my life?” Nathaniel asked.

I hesitated only a second before answering, “I’m fine. Wearing casual will make me less nervous. However, if you think that my current dressing will affect your reputation, I don’t mind changing.”

Nathaniel ruminated about it. Rather than saying anything, he immediately walked toward the outside. I hurriedly followed him.

When we went past Gregory, he cried out, “Uncle Nathaniel, where are you going with Mommy?”

Nathaniel halted in his tracks and turned his head to the side. With a gentle look on his face, he said, “I’m taking your mommy to a place she has always wanted to go.”

After a pause, he added, “Do you want to come along?”

“No.” There was no way I was going to involve a child in our matter. I rushed to stand in front of Gregory, shielding him away from Nathaniel’s cunning stare. Livid, I glared at him and hissed, “You’re not that incapable to the point you’ll need to use a child to reach your goals, are you?”

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