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In Love Never Say Never

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1771

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1771

Weak Spot

Before I could ask for more details, the line had ended; Nathaniel had hung up on me.

I had to stare at the empty house for a long while before my wits returned to me. John was right; Nathaniel knew that Ashton was my weak spot. As long as the game did not stop, Ashton could continue to live in peace.

I shouldn’t have made that call, I thought to myself. It’ll only tell him more about my relationship with Ashton. I won’t be able to convince him that I’ve fallen for him anymore.

Before sleeping, John sent me a message about what happened earlier. He nonchalantly teased, It’s pretty good that you’re accepting the courtship of another man. Ashton might appreciate you more that way.

Not in the mood for jokes, I turned off my phone and went to sleep.

It seemed like Nathaniel was fascinated by the idea of courtship. The next morning, he appeared at my house to make breakfast for me.

When I went down the stairs, I saw him preparing sandwiches in an apron.

Lindsey and the others had been driven out of the kitchen, and they were all standing right outside the kitchen at that moment. None dared to disturb him, but none dared to take the time off.

When they spotted me, Lindsey hurried toward me and said, “Madam, Mr. Hall is…”

“It’s fine. Go to the back and help to clean up. You can leave this place alone.”

After sending the maids away, I stepped into the kitchen and put on an apron before helping him out in his cooking.

Nathaniel lifted his head to look at me before replying, “You don’t actually need to do anything. It’s simple in the kitchen, and I’ll be able to learn everything soon. I’ll be the one to make your meals from then on.”

Something felt off about his words, and I could not help but shudder after hearing it. “Are you trying to butter me up?”

Nathaniel wiped his hands and fished out his phone from his pocket. After unlocking it, he turned the screen to let it face me.

On the screen was a file. A Hundred Ways To Become More Intimate With Each Other.

The first on the list was the preparation of breakfast and accompanying the other party while they were eating it.

Then, it was watching the sunset by the seaside, holding hands while shopping, watching a romantic movie, and more.

Objectively, these were all romantic gestures. What would move the other was the effort and time. Any human engaging in those activities would eventually grow feelings for the other person.

However, that was only if both parties were interested; that was only if both parties never had a complicated past and an unforgettable love.

I, obviously, did not fit the requirements, let alone Nathaniel. Doing all of those were just to skip steps in the game. Nothing of those activities would move me, let alone make me fall for him.

However, I could not embarrass Nathaniel for how enthusiastic he was. Thus, I patiently read the entire file.

At the end of it, I spotted a small line of words that said: True love depends on your fate. The upgraded version of this guide can be unlocked with nineteen bucks.

Huh. This is useless, I thought.

After turning the phone to face him again, I said, “It seems like you’ve been fooled.”

Nathaniel then skimmed through the text. Embarrassment flicked past his eyes, but he soon schooled his features to a neutral look and calmly kept his phone back into his pocket. With a smile, he said, “Sorry, my mistake. I won’t do this again.”

The harmless demeanor he adopted made chills run down my spine. Perhaps that was what they meant when they said not to judge someone by their cover.

“There’s nothing to apologize about. It’s not that it’s completely useless either. Other than those who have experienced love at first sight, most people would slowly fall in love with each other after some time,” I belatedly and half-heartedly consoled.

At that, Nathaniel raised his plate and emotionlessly responded, “Then, it seems like we don’t need to skip the eating together part.”

Then, seemingly sensing that he did not have the right demeanor, he curled his lips and smiled.

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