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In Love Never Say Never

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1764

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1764

Engrossed In Acting

“Well, that does make sense.” Emery quirked her eyebrows and did not continue the topic. She lowered her head and started to eat.

I looked at her and remembered about Hunter, so I queried, “What about you and Xavier’s father?”

“What about us?” Emery did not even lift her head and was all focused on eating.

If she was being so open about it, it proved that there was nothing between them. If something was up, just like Alexander, she would have acted awkwardly.

Thinking of that, I did not pursue the matter any further. “Oh, it’s nothing. I happened to meet him earlier today.”

Emery was unbothered. She placed a piece of abalone on my plate and commented, “I’ve hired a new chef, and he’s really good at cooking seafood. Hurry up and try it…”

When I left The Jade, my phone rang. It was a message from John: How is it? Was it successful?

It seemed that it was the same for everyone. No one knew what Nathaniel would do and could only wait for a relatively safe time to ask about the result.

Even though I was not utterly confident, my intuition told me that it was not much of a problem. Thus, I replied jokingly: Have confidence in your acting skills.

Soon, I received a text from him: Then it’s done.

After a while, he sent me another message: You can’t have possibly used the excuse of acting to voice out your true feelings, right? When you said that you would choose Ashton over me, I felt so upset.

And it seemed that being too engrossed in acting was not a good thing either. I smiled while typing on the phone: I cried hard after you left. Do you feel better now?

John: Yeah. Now, we only have to wait and see what will happen tomorrow.

After that, he stopped replying to me.

Hence, I placed my phone aside and entered the car.

The night was still early, and the city was lively and bustling. Everything outside the car window was like a picture scroll, exiting my line of sight at a constant speed. None of those excitements had anything to do with me.

If Ashton or any of our children was sitting next to me at that time, I would probably have had a different feeling.


As soon as I entered the house, Audrey ran into my arms while crying.

Later on, I found out that she had refused to eat her dinner unless she saw me. But the food Lindsey cooked was too mouth-watering. The more she waited, the hungrier she became.

“All right. All right. It’s all my fault. Don’t cry anymore. We’ll have dinner together now, okay?”

“Okay…” Audrey puffed her cheeks and pursed her lips. Just one glance at her melted my heart instantly.

Feeling guilty and distressed, I hurriedly carried her up and walked toward the dining room. “Mrs. Kingsley, please heat up the food. Eating cold food isn’t good for the children.”

“I just heated the food. It’s the perfect timing to eat them now,” responded Lindsey.

Hearing that, I sat down and accompanied the children as they had their dinner.

“Mommy, why aren’t you eating? All these dishes are delicious,” mumbled Audrey while chewing the food in her mouth.

On the contrary, Gregory and Shaun were eating elegantly. I did not need to worry about them at all. All of a sudden, warmth filled my heart, and I smiled. “I’m not hungry. You should eat more so that you can grow taller.”

“Okay!” Audrey nodded and swallowed all the food in her mouth. Then, she stopped eating and looked at me solemnly. “Mommy, is Ashy not coming back anymore?”

“Huh?” For a moment, I forgot that it was Ashton’s nickname. I frowned when I came around. “Audrey, you can’t call Daddy that.”

I then turned to Gregory and reprimanded, “Gregory, were you the one who taught her that?”

“No!” Audrey did not give Gregory a chance to speak. “I saw it in Greg’s book. Daddy is a bad guy! He hasn’t come home for such a long time, and because of that, Mommy doesn’t like to stay at home. I don’t like him anymore!”

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