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In Love Never Say Never

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1763

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1763

Set Up

“Is that so? Then let me ask you a question. Do you think Ashton has ever loved me?” I asked calmly.

“Of course.” A hint of delight flashed across Nathaniel’s eyes. “Unfortunately, it was ruined by me.”

“Oh, really? Then he should show you his gratitude. Otherwise, he would need to give up his life and pride because of love and live in agony. Ashton Fuller, you’re so lucky.” Both Ashton and Emery were confused and could not comprehend what I was doing.

Luckily, Nathaniel took the bait. “What are you trying to say?”

I quickly turned around and fixated my gaze on him. “It’s very simple. You don’t even dare to love someone. How can you say that you’re better than him?”

Listening to that, Nathaniel lowered his head, seemingly mulling over my words.

Afraid that he would see through my trick, I immediately continued and interrupted his thoughts, “Didn’t you say that you can’t understand my foolish behavior of sacrificing everything for love? Perhaps you’ll only understand how difficult it is to control your emotions when you really fall in love with someone. Even so, Ashton managed to break free from it. How can I not love such a man? If you don’t have confidence in yourself, then you don’t have to try. Not everyone can get out of it without getting hurt. Admitting that you’re inferior to others is better than falling for someone, right?”

Never had I imagined that I was so good at bluffing.

Just as I was about to breathe a sigh of relief, Nathaniel stood up abruptly and left the private room without saying a word. It happened in a split second, and Nora could not react immediately. She only snapped back to reality and chased after him after a moment.

As a result, my heart missed a beat, and I started to grow anxious. I was not sure whether the words I had said earlier could persuade him. If he found out that I was setting him up and decided to deal with us in a fit of anger, then we would be doomed.

On the contrary, if he accepted the challenge, then we would be one step away from victory.

Once he fell in love with someone, she would become his weak spot, and when he had a weak spot, he would no longer be indestructible.

As the sound of Nora’s heels gradually faded away, I slowly calmed down. Losing strength, I propped myself up with my hands on the table to support my body.

“You’re always so reckless.”

Hearing Ashton’s voice, I remembered that he was still there. I raised my head and looked at him. “I’ve always been like this. You only realize that now?”

His black eyes glittered under the light. For some reason, I felt that it was because of me. However, in the next second, he ignored my words and walked away.

My gaze was fixated on him until his tall figure disappeared from my sight. Feeling discouraged, I fell back into the chair.

While sighing, I lifted my hand to press my temple.

“What a bluff. Why didn’t I realize that you have such an ability before?” Emery was greatly shocked by the scene earlier.

“Nathaniel forced it out of me.” I waved my hand and continued weakly, “I’m not sure if I can succeed or not. We’d better not count the chickens before they hatch. Nathaniel is always acting out of the norm.”

“I think you’ve been quite unpredictable as well recently. The two of you are a good match,” Emery joked.

“Ew!” I was jolted awake by her words. “What nonsense are you saying? I’m doing all this to survive. Don’t curse me.”

“What’s the matter? If Nathaniel does use you as his test subject, you can take this opportunity to get your revenge.”

I shook my head vigorously. “The situation is already complicated enough. Nathaniel is such a scary man. I don’t think I can handle him. Besides, there are so many women in this world. Why would he choose a woman who is divorced and has given birth?”

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