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In Love Never Say Never

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1757

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1757

Obsessive Stalkers

However, Rebecca did not seem to care about that. Half of the advertising spots in the commercial district were full of her posters, and every single one of them looked horrible.

Everyone in K City knew that Ashton was her sponsor, but he had become an embarrassment because of her. It was as if she wanted the whole world to know that Ashton had abandoned his wife and children to be with a woman with such awful aesthetic judgment.

They were like a young couple who was madly in love, wanting the whole world to know that they were quarreling so that everyone could be entertained by the drama.

While the car slowly made its way down the street, I fell into deep thoughts. If it were me, would I still have trust in this world after knowing that everything that went wrong in my life was closely related to the person I loved?

I did not have an answer to the question. No one could really empathize with another person. Even a trivial matter would cause a series of chain reactions. My life is still a mess, so I don’t have the leisure to worry about others.

In just a few seconds, Rebecca’s face was out of my sight.

Shaking my head, I shrugged off those thoughts and took a deep breath. This isn’t the time to think about them.

Later that day, I sent the children to Zachary and Cameron’s so that they could look after the children for me. It was already six in the evening when I left the Moore Residence.

Setting off for The Jade, I took out my phone and texted Millie: Millie, are you there?

She replied almost instantaneously: I only work for you. Ms. Stovall, you can give the orders directly.

Seeing that, I continued typing on the phone and went straight to the point: Can you contact the mercenaries hired by John?

Millie: I’ve lost contact with several of them. The remaining mercenaries can reach your location in twenty minutes.

Startled, I wrote: My location? But I’m still on the move.

Millie: Our people are scattered all over the city to ensure that they can reach the target location within half an hour.

After reading her message, I replied: Okay then. I didn’t know that John was such a thorough person. Please deploy all the people you can contact to the vicinity of The Jade. It’s always better to be prepared.

Millie: Noted.

Staring at the phone, I mused to myself. As expected of Millie… What a concise reply. She’s always calm and proactive, giving me a sense of security.

At that thought, I sent her another text: Since you’re working for me, I hope you’ll remember this. In the crisis of life and death, please save my family first. Thank you.

The car stopped in front of The Jade after I sent the text. Putting the phone into my bag, I alighted from the car and walked inside.

Thanks to Emery, a waiter was already waiting at the entrance. Once he saw me, he greeted me warmly and showed me in.

Emery had arrived and was explaining something to the manager in the lobby. When she saw me, she hurriedly ended the conversation and approached me. “How is it? Are you satisfied with the special treatment?”

She was being so considerate. How could I have any complaints? Hence, I hurriedly responded with a smile, “Thank you.”

“Stop it.” Emery could not stand such a cringeworthy situation. She quickly dismissed the waiter and brought me inside. “Follow me. This way.”

Since it was peak hours, many customers were going up and down. Consequently, we spent a lot of time in the elevator. Just as we got off the elevator, we ran into Nathaniel and Nora, who came out of the next elevator.

As expected, he would not miss out on any opportunity to be entertained by Ashton’s drama.

In fact, other than Rebecca, Nathaniel could also be considered as one of Ashton’s obsessive stalkers.

“You’re here as well.” Nora held Nathaniel’s arm, looking noble and elegant. Obviously, my appearance was out of her expectation.

On the contrary, Nathaniel kept an indifferent expression. He was probably immune to my sudden appearance.

He probably did not want to see me. I bet he was afraid to witness my scorching love for Ashton, which would hurt his self-esteem and remind him that despite sharing the same gene, Ashton was cherished by others while he was alone in this world. Even if he died, no one would shed a single tear for him.

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