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In Love Never Say Never

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1754

In Love, Never Say Never Chapter 1754

Supporting The Lyons

“Forget it. No one can stop him from leaving. This isn’t your fault, and I will pay you for the month as we have agreed. You can go home now.”

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tted my eyebrows and won

e and wean himself off the drug addiction before it got too seriou

ed as a lesson to me. Nathaniel would never react in the way an ordinary person would. T

what his plan was, I had

sing an uproar within the community. Finally, John, as the representative of Stovall Corporation, had announced that they would i

n beaten back the day before, had resurfaced to attack the Lyons family’s n

atter had escalated, I was worried that Nathaniel was mounting an

und anxious when he answere

xpert on the news commenting that the Lyons family i

he added, “Don’t worry, the matter has been resolved. The unscrupulous attacks on the Lyons family stocks are nothing but schoolboy tactics. With the combined financial strength of Stovall

nto the nation’s economy and wasn’t easily shaken. By buying a

while? By conducting such an attack, won’t they attract the regulator’s attention? Since you claime

u mean by detrimental? Hasn’t N

on me. “Are you saying that this is the same a

“Remember, you have to remain calm. After s

rwardly, I felt so awkward t

it doesn’t matter because I was planning to call you. I have

s? What for?

es as Ashton does. After I took over, I’ve blocked many of his decisions. I figured Nathan

a bad idea but will going against Ashton

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