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I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 998

I’m A Quadrillionaire chapter 998

 Knock knock knock! David’s dsisucssion with the Meteor Chamber only stopped when he heard knocking on his door.

He stood up and looked at the time.

One night had passed without him knowing.

David looked at the system panel.

(Host: David Lidell

[Balance: 9999905368000000 (Galaxy Dollars) (Body: Cosmos level 10

(Mind: Cosmos level 10

(Combat: Partial Cosmos Rank

(Combat Skills: Void Punch (Entry Level+), Air Crushing Slap (Entry Level+), Evil-Splitting Sword Technique ( Entry Level+)

(Skills: Ancient Traditional Medicine (Expert+)

(Lavish Points: 610)

After a whole night of hard work, it had finally paid off.

David spent 59 billion Galaxy Dollars and got 590 lavish points.

Although it was not enough to raise his physique to Celestial Rank, it was not that far off.

He should be there after another night of hard work.

Moreover, he also learned a lot about the inner workings of the Milky Way, especially about the Tuffin family.

David knew almost everything he could think of about different generations of the Tuffin family, including their ancestors.

However, he already knew almost everything he needed to know, so what should he ask tonight?

The Meteor Chamber was pretty bad*ss, but at the same time, it was strange.

David had to ask specific questions, and then they would set a price based on the importance of the message and then answer it after payment.

They would not answer at all if David asked them a broad question.

For example, David had to ask one question about the Tuffin family at a time.

He could not say that he wanted to know everything about the Tuffin family as this was considered unacceptable.

Knock knock knock!

Someone knocked on his door again.

David went into the courtyard and opened the door.

Mia was standing prettily outside the door.

“What’s wrong, Mia?” David asked.

“What? Can’t I chat with you because I’m bored?” Mia said with a smile.

If she had just met David, she would never have dared to talk to David like that.

She had been with David every day for half a month, so Mia still had a certain understanding of David.

In reality, after getting acquainted , David became pretty easy-going, and he was not as unapproachable as he seemed in the beginning.

“You’re hilarious, Mia. Come in,” David moved to the side and invited Mia inside.

After Mia entered the courtyard, she went into the living room to sit down with David.

After that, David poured a cup of tea for Mia.

“Thank you,” Mia said after taking the cup.

David also poured some for himself. Then, he sat down and started drinking. Back then, he did not like tea.

However, he gradually learned to like it. Drinking tea would calm him down.

“Master David, I came here to talk to you about some worldly wisdom,” Mia said. “Huh? Worldly wisdom? What do you mean?” David asked curiously.

Mia rephrased her sentence and said indirectly, “Hmm, how should I say this? You don’t need to fight Master Fergus and Burke the moment you meet them, making the situation difficult for everyone. It won’t be good for everybody.” Immediately, David understood why Mia was here.

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